8 Catchy Pinoy Songs Based on Memes

By Tim Henares

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Filipinos have quite a way with memes, but we really hit our zenith the minute our meme spawns a song remix. Whether as a result of a meme, or the actual start of a meme, here are 8 songs that will stick in your head, complete with viral humble beginnings.

8. Hala Nahulog log log Remix – DJ Budots

This is the meme that knows no bounds – whether for James Reid or even that infamous Chinese daredevil who recently passed away (no, we’re not linking to that), this song has been the perfect way to immortalize these not-so proud moments.


7. Pabebe Girls Remix – DJ Makiramdam

Yep. They started a joke – but the joke was on them.


6. Rock n Roll to the World Remix – DJ Rowel

Yep. They started a joke – but the joke was on them.


5. Droga? Mar Roxas Trap Remix – Jet Boado

Yup. Not even Mar Roxas is spared from being turned into a remix.

4. Cambodiaaaa!!! – Fashion Pulis(?)

Sometimes, you begin to wonder just how much energy people expend to come up with these viral hits because this was a masterclass in striking while the iron was hot. Remember: Xian Gaza was relevant for all of two weeks.


3. Saging Lang ang May Puso – Dense Modesto

One of the classic Dense Modesto remixes that put the man on the map, this one riffs on the infamous line uttered by Mark Lapid in the movie “Apoy sa Dibdib ng Samar.” No word if VJ Greg was in the movie.


2. Janina San Miguel Remix – Dense Modesto

It has been nearly ten years since Janina San Miguel first burst into the scene. Since then, she has captured our hearts, and yes, covered Poker Face by Lady Gaga without any hint of irony. Here is that moment where she truly, truly became a legend – in dance form.


1. Sinigang (Gucci Gang Remix) -no$ia

Welp. We have just reached the next level with this remix, thanks to Liza Soberano’s now-infamous statement about her Filipinohood. And with that, we leave you to figure out which of these songs you want to have stuck in your head for the rest of the week.


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