8 Food Videos

to Totally Ruin Your Day

By Naveen Ganglani

We’ve all been there: smacked in the middle of the afternoon, already tired from work so we try to kill time by doing random things – like surfing the web.

One of the most fun but tormenting things to do? Watching food recipe videos. Fun because these clips make it look so easy that we feel like we can actually make it at our own homes, but tormenting also because we just had our meal and we’re already craving for more to eat.

So, being the good Samaritans that we are, here are 8 random food videos to totally make (or should we say ruin) your day:

8. Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burgers. Because life’s too short

What happens when you put two amazing meals together? You get twice the awesome-ness. YUM.


7. Oh, Canada

Thank you, you beautiful souls, for giving us this:

Classic Canadian Poutine

Tasty eh? 🇨🇦 FULL RECIPE: https://tasty.co/recipe/classic-canadian-poutine

Posted by Tasty on Sunday, July 1, 2018


6. Hold me, I think I’m in love

Which is exactly what I think I would feel if I got to eat this right now.


5. Just clap your hands in applause

I mean – is there anything that sounds better for an afternoon snack?

Steak And Potato Taco Nachos

You’ve never had tacos like these! 🌮🤤 FULL RECIPE: https://tasty.co/recipe/steak-and-potato-taco-nachos Love Tasty? Join our exclusive research panel and help us make it better! (U.S. only) Click here: https://bzfd.it/2MNGjZN

Posted by Tasty on Friday, June 29, 2018

4. Egg….. in your coffee

No, seriously, just watch it.

3. Hit me baby one more time

Ribs that are easy to make and look like they were carved by the hands of God? Sign me up!

Easy Honey Garlic Slow Cooker Ribs

These slow cooker ribs are mouth-watering! 😱 FULL RECIPE: https://tasty.co/recipe/honey-garlic-slow-cooker-ribs Get our favorite slow cooker here: https://bzfd.it/2KbxbAv – We may make some $$ if you buy!

Posted by Tasty on Tuesday, June 26, 2018


2. I like it spicy

But maybe you’ll change your mind after this:

1. Talk dirty to me

An apple pie and cheesecake together? Okay, now you’re just leading me on.

Apple Pie Cheesecake

This apple pie cheesecake is the best of both worlds 🍏🍰 FULL RECIPE: https://tasty.co/recipe/apple-pie-cheesecake

Posted by Tasty on Sunday, June 17, 2018


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