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Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino

By Kyzia Maramara

Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino is now on its second year and still very much loved by Filipino cinephiles. This year’s 8 chosen finalists will be screening in cinemas nationwide starting from August 15 to 21, 2018.

You might remember that last year’s festival brought us the beauty that is Patay na si Hesus directed by Victor Villanueva, Birdshot directed by Mikhail Red (which went on to be an internationally acclaimed film even available on Netflix), and Pauwi Na directed by Paolo Villaluna. This year’s roster of films hopefully brings us equally delighting films that will boggle our minds and tickle our senses. Happy watching!


Ang Babaeng Allergic sa WiFi

Directed by Jun Robles Lana

Norma (Sue Ramirez) is diagnosed with Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity, an illness that makes her allergic to Wi-Fi and data signals. Having to avoid electronic gadgets, she has to live in the province where a much simpler life is waiting for her. But leaving will create an impact on her relationship with Leo (Markus Paterson) and Leo’s brother, Aries (Jameson Blake).


The Day After Valentine’s

Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana

Bela Padilla and JC Santos share the big screen once again (100 Tula Para Kay Stella) as Lani and Kai respectively, two people brought together by life’s problems. Kai tags Lani as “Ms. Repairman,” owing to her wise and collected attitude and her help in picking himself back together. As time passes, Kai is becoming more dependent on Lani, but is this what is best for two people on a journey to healing?


We Will Not Die Tonight

Directed by Richard Somes

Erich Gonzales plays a tough-girl role as Kray, a stuntwoman and an aspiring actress who finds herself in a tricky situation. Looking for ways to earn cash, she and her friends unwittingly becomes part of a group who wants her to kidnap street children for money. Dark, action-packed, and grisly, We Will Not Die Tonight will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Pinay Beauty

Directed by Jay Abello

A comedy-drama film initially an entry for Cinemalaya 2018, Pinay Beauty tells the story of Migs (Edgar Allan Guzman) who has a huge debt to a loan shark and of Chai Fonacier who’s eagerly waiting the day her kayumanggi skin will be lightened.

Unli Life

Directed by Miko Livelo

On the night Benedict (Vhong Navarro) proposes to his girlfriend (WinWyn Marquez), she breaks up with him. Distraught, he finds himself confiding in a bartender who offers him a drink with the power to make him go back in time in order to change his present. Drinking too much causes him to jump from one era to another where he chances upon Victoria every time.


Signal Rock

Directed by Chito S. Rono

Intoy (Christian Bables), a carefree no-hoper in a small town, decides to help his sister in Finland win a child custody battle. He begins to involve the townspeople, faking legal documents and setting up false endorsements. In the process he discovers deeper insights about this town that continues to lose more of its young women seeking greener pastures.


Madilim ang Gabi

Directed by Adolfo Alix Jr.

Bravely including the current issues in the country, Madilim ang Gabi tells the haunting story of parents (Gina Alajar, Phillip Salvador) who resort to extreme measures to find their missing son. They find themselves caught up in the President’s war on drugs. With danger everywhere and the threat of bloodshed, will they be able to survive?


Bakwit Boys

Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana

This musical feature written and directed by Jason Paul Laxamana (who now has two entries to Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino) shows us the story of how a super typhoon devastates the town of four brothers, all members of a family band. They meet a rich city girl who discovers their talent in music and helps them record their songs.

Catch these films in cinemas nationwide from August 15 to 21. For more information, visit Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino’s Facebook page.


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