8 Habits You Might Not Realize

Are Ruining Your Skin

By Patti Sunio

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It takes discipline to care for one’s skin (hello, 12-step skincare routine and taking off makeup before bed!), but necessary to maintain its health and natural glow. Skincare and makeup know-how are important, but the lifestyle and habits you do on the daily take a toll on your skin, too.

Here are 8 that may be damaging to your skin:


Hot showers are, in fact, considered healthy for your skin, as it gets rid of dry skin and gives it moisture. However, if you stay too long in the shower, the heat and steam will end up irritating your skin, leaving it red and itchy.



A diet that’s rich in sodium may drain the moisture out of your skin. Aside from cutting down on salty foods, what you can do is counter it by drinking enough water or use a moisturizer regularly.



If you’re using too many products on your face, you might actually do more harm than good to your skin. Invest more in skincare than makeup, and if you don’t really need to put on a face, allow yourself to be barefaced so your skin can breathe.



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You take your phone everywhere with you and put it down on different surfaces (e.g. table tops at public restaurants, the kitchen area at home, et cetera). Just imagine all the bacteria and dirt it has accumulated throughout the day—now transferred to your skin whenever you take a call. Make sure to sanitize your phone using antibacterial wipes to avoid breakouts and rashes on your cheeks and jawline.


You might not realize it because you wear them every day. But where the frames of your glasses nest on the bridge of your nose is inviting accumulation of dirt and clogged pores, which will cause breakouts and irritation—especially on your nose!



Not taking your meals on time does more damage to your health than you think. With your skin, for instance, skipping meals will cause it to age faster. Foods that are rich in vitamins A, B3, C, and E are the known beauty vitamins that will help give you healthy skin.



Whenever you shampoo, residue might be left on your face. Make sure you rinse thoroughly—not just your hair, but your face, especially—before leaving the shower. While working out, make sure to wear a headband, too, so products don’t reach your face as you perspire. The same goes for hairspray or any other product that your skin might be sensitive to. Shield your face with your hands whenever you’re spraying on hair products.



At night, your skin heals itself and regenerates, thus leaving dead skin particles, bacteria, and toxins on your pillow. If you don’t change your pillow cases regularly, dirt and bacteria will build up and cause you to break out.


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