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By Tim Henares

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In this showbiz-crazy country, we Filipinos sometimes tend to idolize our favorite celebritiies to the point that we think of them as sheer perfection. After all, when these people are as beautiful and as talented as they are, it’s quite difficult to think of them as anything less.

Obviously, we know by now that’s not true, but thankfully we’re not hear to talk about the horrible things some showbiz people have done in their lives – that’s a different list for someone else to write. This list, instead, is about their onstage fails and falls, reminding us that they’re not so perfect after all, but what makes these celebrities aspirational to a large extent is how they keep getting up after each and every blooper, often happening on live television.

Yes, we laugh at their foibles and pathos: but we don’t laugh at them, so much as we laugh with them, knowing full well that all of these celebrities have pretty much found a way to bounce back from some of the most embarrassing moments they have ever experienced in their entire career.

8. Claudine Barretto

The Fall: While heading down the stairs to sing on ASAP, Claudine Barretto trips and cusses on live television.

Obviously, this is low on the list because she doesn’t actually fall so much as she just stumbles, but her immediate, uncensored reaction is definitely what shocked everybody. Remember: this was around seven years before she and her now-estranged husband Raymart Santiago laid the smack down on Mon Tulfo.

The Bounce Back: Claudine was bulletproof at this point in her career. She just promptly covered her mouth upon realizing what she said, then immediately apologized before proceeding to her hosting duties.


7. Kim Chiu and Enchong Dee

The Fall: While being lifted by Enchong Dee for what should have been an elaborate flip, Enchong’s strength failed him, and he ended up doing what looked like a WWE-quality electric chair drop. No word if this video ever reached Vince McMahon at Stamford headquarters.

Kim Chiu has fallen three times on live television over the course of her ASAP career. You’re going to see her quite a bit on this list.

The Bounce Back: Kim Chiu has fallen three times on live television over the course of her ASAP career. You’re going to see her quite a bit on this list. That is definitely bouncing back for more, seeing as it happened to her two more times.


6. Sarah Geronimo

The Fall: On her birthday special, no less, Sarah Geronimo is singing a medley that started off with “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” While being as amazingly glammed up as only Sarah G can, she then stumbles and falls while shaking her hips, sitting on the floor for a while, but still looking fierce as ever.

You have to admit, someone who is as much of a perfectionist as a performer as Sarah Geronimo would seem unthinkable as a victim of good ol’ gravity, but here you are.

The Bounce Back: C’mon. She never lost her fierceness or poise while she sat on the floor. That is incredible.


5. Kim Chiu

The Fall: While doing another production number, this time, a backup dancer fails Kim Chiu as he attempts to flip her over, making her crashland on the floor. This could either be a suplex or a back body drop. Your call what it is.

At the rate Kim is going, maybe it shouldn’t be Enchong going to the WWE, but her.

The Bounce Back: Remember, she’s got a third fall to go. She definitely bounced back from this, with ease.

4. Smugglaz

The Fall: While in the middle of a fliptop battle, our very own Smugglaz ended up falling off the stage. Some people drop their mics. Smugglaz dropped himself.

But no, the guy didn’t even miss a beat, and kept on rapping after the fall, as if nothing happened.

The Bounce Back: Not only did Smugglaz continue rapping as if the fall wasn’t a thing, but he got applauded by everyone in attendance for it.


3. James Reid

The Fall: During the Cosmo bash, a relatively-new James Reid fell off the stage while shirtless and oozing with sex appeal.

Some of the ladies that night swear, just swear, that they were the reason James Reid dropped into that hole onstage. That way, they could say James fell for them.

The Bounce Back: James Reid is now arguably the biggest star of his generation, easily eclipsing even Daniel Padilla. His big break, “Ang Diary ng Panget,” came a year after his Cosmo fall.


2. Kris Aquino

The Fall: In what can only be assumed to be GMA Supershow, Kris Aquino with her then-boyfriend Rene Requiestas, of Pido Dida fame, were promoting their latest flick via song number. Unfortunately, Kris didn’t realize a part of the stage was a no-go zone for her (supposedly, someone was supposed to have warned her backstage), prompting what is perhaps the worst fall on this list, seeing as unlike every other entry, Kris got hospitalized over this one.

Merciless as we were back then, in an age of Superstars, Megastars, and Stars for all Seasons, Kris Aquino gained the monicker, “The Falling Star.” Harsh!

The Bounce Back: What part of “Queen of all Media” doesn’t constitute a bounce back, hmmm?


1. Kim Chiu

The Fall: In a recent production number for ASAP (Again!!!), Kim Chiu was supposed to do what seemed to likely be a backflip off of a plastic screen she leaned back on. Instead, she was unceremoniously dumped to the ground by the same plastic screen. Who knew that a plastic screen also had hopes of joining the WWE?

This is the third time Kim Chiu actually fell on live TV during ASAP. With this and her reputation for taking on some of the most questionable endorsements ever (that’s another list unto itself, guys. We’ll get there.), Kim’s luck is just as bad as they come.  Never change, Kim Chiu. Never change.

The Bounce Back: Kim Chiu is rumored to be happily engaged to Xian Lim. Who are you engaged to, if you’re even not single, to begin with? Yeah. Maybe her luck isn’t as bad as we think it is.


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