8 Things

Only People with Unique Names

Will Understand

By Therese Aseoche

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We grew up being told to be proud of our individual uniqueness, but sometimes what sets us apart turns out to be a bother, especially when it’s our name.

Having a unique name is both a blessing and a curse. And if you’re part of this club, then you’ll be able to relate to the following:

You can’t find your name on keychains and other bookstore souvenir items

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You’re always caught between leaving empty-handed or settling for a name that’s kind of close to yours. But at least you’re safe from the cyclical disappointment of receiving the same exact souvenir keychain from your relatives every birthday and Christmas!


People ask you where your name comes from

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A unique first name is easy to explain. But a unique last name? You’re better off spending your weekends at a library researching the origin of your name than face the embarrassment of not knowing what to answer to the query.


You’re terrified your name will be pronounced wrong during graduation

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The anxiety is real.


You have to write your name legibly on forms and registration sheets

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You can’t risk having your name misspelled on these formal documents and government IDs because there’s no way you’re going to go through the entire process again to correct them.

Sometimes, it’s fun to tell the same story behind your name again and again

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It makes a great icebreaker for people you just met! And oftentimes, people remember you and your name just because it’s so unique. (The problem now is remembering theirs…)


Sometimes, you don’t know which name pronunciation is the right one anymore

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When you hear your name being pronounced differently by your friends, your family, and acquaintances every single day, it actually starts to confuse you sometimes. Is it a long “e” or a short one? Is the stress at the first syllable, or the last? Oh god.


You make up a random name for the Starbucks barista

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It’s a win-win situation: you’re giving the barista an easier time writing your name down while also saving yourself from the stress of seeing your name spelled wrong on the cup. (Grabe lang if they mess up even that generic, one-syllable fake name.)


You’ve mastered the NATO Phonetic Alphabet

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Sometimes, it fills you with a sense of pride that you can spell out your name phonetically without stopping to think. That’s a legitimate skill!


Which of these do you relate to the most? Share with us your thoughts below!


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