8 of the Realest and Most Hugot Tweets from THAT viral commercial

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When we were growing up, we saw our moms as our heroes who are always there to pick us up and teach us valuable lessons in life. These lessons were often accompanied with good food that our moms lovingly cooked.

One of our pick-me-up dishes is the tinola; out of all the dishes that our moms would cook, tinola seems to be the only dish that’s perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re having a family reunion or a simple gathering, a bowl of tinola would make any situation better.

One perfect situation where tinola can lift our spirits up is when we’re taking a very important step in our life: taking a bar exam. Knorr’s short film, Pamahiin, shows how a mom comforts her son after failing the exams through her own loving way. The film became a viral hit, earning hundreds of positive reactions from Twitter users. Here are just some of our favorite reactions:

Sana All

When we fail, our parents should be the first ones to encourage and motivate us to do good next time. Sometimes with words, most of the time with tinola.


PSA To all the Parents Out There

One of the highlights of the film is the relationship of the mom with her aspiring lawyer son. She’s been with him from the very beginning and even after his failure. #dakilanginaaward


When You’re Fragile AF

Who didn’t cry when the sabaw of the tinola looked so good and appetizing? And also when her son failed?


Me on the Outside: I Don’t Feel Any Pressure Right Now!

For future bar takers: all you need is a good sabaw of tinola and we’re a hundred percent sure that you’ll pass!

Existential Crisis in 3…2…1

Pamahiin has superstitious beliefs, horoscopes, public embarrassment, that good old tinola all wrapped into one great short film. Having all that to take in is beyond our control.


Sometimes All You Need is Sabaw of Tinola

Because a good tinola makes us ugly cry. *** cries in the corner ***


I Feel Personally Attacc

Walang warning whatsoever.


If You Want to Succeed in Life:

The most important tip that we got from the whole Pamahiin short film.


You can learn how to make your own Chicken Tinola (a.k.a. recipe to success) by checking out its recipe on the Knorr website.


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