Being in the safe bubble of student life could make one easily forget that being a student isn’t all there is to life. All the school drama will end once you graduate (thankfully), but you’ll feel like you’re thrown out of the loop, when you realize you have been left to fend for yourself. You suddenly realize you have a future to secure and plan for. You have things you want to accomplish for yourself such as travelling or buying your first car.

Sometimes being an adult is too much to handle especially if you’re just starting. But no worries! We’ll show you the ropes and soon you’ll get the hang of it!

1. Creating a stellar CV photo

While still in college we’re sure you’ve stressed over this for internship. It doesn’t matter what stage of adulting you’re on right now, it’s always important to keep your curriculum vitae updated. It’s your chance to show off your skills to a future employer; a stellar CV could get you your dream job!

Make sure to highlight your achievements relevant to the job, one CV doesn’t necessarily fit all. CVs and resumes are practically humblebragging, just remember not to overdo it!

2. Collecting your share of government IDs

To be a certified Filipino citizen you must have more than your now invalid student ID. There are a handful of other government IDs you need to start collecting. The easiest and first is the Postal ID which you can get at any
PhilPost ID  capturing sites. This costs P504 and serves as a secondary ID. You should also have your Bureau of Internal Revenue Tax Identification Number (BIR TIN) which you could apply for at the nearest BIR office. Bring your 1×1 photo and your birth certificate for processing.

Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID is reserved for professionals only. The requirements for the online registration are a working email address, personal information including date of college graduation, ID photo in .jpeg format, and cedula. If you won’t take the licensure exam, the fees are P900, P600, and P40 for baccalaureate degree, non-baccalaureate degree, and medical representative respectively. If you took the exam, the fees are P600, P450, and P300. The annual renewal fee ranges from P150 to P450.

Another valid ID is the voter’s ID, a primary ID everyone is encouraged to have. To start processing yours, go to the nearest COMELEC branch or accredited registration area in malls and bring a valid ID with you. Once you’re registered, your voter’s ID will take a few months to a year before you can claim it.

3. Getting your UMID

The Unified Multi-Purpose ID or the UMID is what they call the ‘Mother of All IDs’ in the country. It’s a 4-in-1 identification card which includes your Social Security System, Government Service Insurance System, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG Fund. There are no applications available online as of the moment so you need to process yours by going to any of the SSS or GSIS offices that have ID Data Capture in the country.

You must be an SSS or GSIS member and contributing for at least a month for you to be able to apply for a UMID. When you visit, bring a valid ID and its photocopy. Once done, the ID will be shipped to you in approximately 7 to 20 working days.

4. Passport application and renewal

Now is the best opportunity to renew your passport or apply for one because the validity has been extended to 10 years! The Department of Foreign Affairs has enabled online appointments where you can pick a date of your own liking to process your passport personally. Act fast and book an appointment once slots open because they’re always fully booked in a matter of days. Head on to and book yours! Don’t forget to bring the required documents on the day of your processing.

5. Processing your NBI Clearance

This is one of the easiest government IDs to apply for because you can do it online and then show up on the schedule you picked. Having an NBI Clearance means you have no criminal record in your name and are a good Filipino citizen. The clearance is valid for only a year so you must renew yours every year or when you need it. The online process is easy! Go to the NBI Clearance application site where you’ll input your information, select which ID you’ll be bringing to the appointment, and choose your preferred mode of payment (for an additional P25 charge). On the day of the appointment, bring your printed NBI Clearance application form. You can claim your NBI Clearance on the same day.

If you’ll be using the NBI Clearance for local purposes, the fee is mostly P130 but if not, you can click here to check. For a list of valid IDs you can present, click here.

6. Paying your bills

Consider yourself lucky, kids of the digital era! You now have the option to pay online for literally everything. But if you still have no clue how to pay your bills, that’s alright. The first step is always to get the billing statement and either go to the nearest branch of the company, any payment center or local bank, or pay for it online for a small fee. Payment centers for utility bills are usually located in the business center of malls or commercial areas. Some banks also offer over-the-counter bills payment, you could try those out.

7. Opening a savings account

As soon as you land your first job, you should immediately start saving money by opening your own savings account. It pays to have money stored for future use, like a net that will support you when you need it the most. Saving money secures your future and the future of the people you care about. It practices discipline which most of the yuppies may or may not have with all their leisure in life.

For the best savings account bank and product, compare the different banks and determine which one will suit your needs best.

8. Navigating the waters of insurance and investments

It’s always best to start early and to start young. As a young professional, one of your goals in life should be to prepare yourself for any events in the future and prepare yourself for retirement. It might seem funny to invest now especially if you have your dreams of travelling and leisure planned out but these things can go hand-in-hand!

The word ‘insurance’ could be a tad bit intimidating if you don’t know how it works. It’s important to know that life insurance is for your benefit and helps in creating a secure life for you and your loved ones. It serves as a financial protection which compensates you in case of liability or a specified loss.

It’s crucial to find a life insurance plan that would best fit your goals and budget. Pru Life UK has a wide array of life insurance products which include insuravest — life insurance solution that comes with an investment plan. You’re all set for a secure life knowing you’re financially protected and can attain personal financial goals at the same time – from your travel fund and your future kids’ education to a new house and retirement fund.

Pru Life UK also recently launched a new offering to combine life, wealth, and health protection in one exclusive product. The myDNA Pro Bundle combines insuravest; additional insurance benefits in case of hospitalization, critical illness, or accidents; and a genetics-based health management program called the myDNA Pro Program. This program guides you through healthy living by analyzing your genetic makeup and how your body responds to the particular food you eat and the exercise you perform. It also provides personalized health and wellness suggestions and instant consultations with a health coach.

To know more about Pru Life UK’s insuravest and myDNA Pro Bundle, clicking here, or visit their official Facebook page.


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