8 Things You Can Try

to Shake Up Your 2018

By Jerica Chingcuangco

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We’re on the second month of 2018; how are your resolutions coming along? Yeah, us too.

But it’s early yet. We still have months to fill up on things to do to have a New and Improved YouTM!

1. Eat & Exercise

Let’s get this out of the way, because what’s a New Year list without vowing to shed those Christmas pounds? If a gym membership is too much commitment, try enrolling in shorter-term classes like yoga or dance. You can even swim in public pools around the metro. Sustain your new exercise habit by eating healthy—try boxed lunch services, or make your own.


2. Attend a Meetup

EB has come a long way from the early 2000s. With Meetup, you can, well, meet up with people who share your passion and hobbies. If you’ve always wanted to join a biking group, want to bond over hobbies that your current friends aren’t interested in, or you just want to try new cuisine while meeting new people, this is perfect for you.


3. Try the Opposite

Another day, same routine. Get out of that funk and do the opposite your usual. If you usually go out for drinks on a Friday night, try chilling at home. If you usually go straight to bed after work on Friday, go out and mingle.


4. Sing-Along

Pinoys love karaoke, regardless of their singing ability. Join a Sing-Along, where a group of fans get together and… sing-along.

Hairspray is on the radar for February.

5. Travel Alone

If you haven’t tried traveling alone, now’s a good time to start. Go somewhere local (baby steps) or go big and travel abroad. It’s a fun way to step out of your comfort zone and learn more about yourself.


6. Color Your Hair

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Getting your hair cut to a new style is great, but why not up the ante? Try coloring your hair with vivid colors or pastels just because you can. There are temporary sprays, waxes, and semi-permanent hair dye readily available in local drugstores or online, like Rainbowhead PH.


7. Discover your inner kid

Let your inner child loose by trying activities like Flying Trapeze, reviving fast food children’s party memories in Ball Pit Manila, or visiting The Dessert Museum. Bring your friends along for more fun!


8. Unplug once a week.

You’ve definitely known someone who did a social media detox—removing themselves from all social media, only to come back in full force a month or two later. Here’s a more sustainable way to unplug: choose a day—or fine, half a day, once a week where you won’t check your electronic devices. Use your newfound free time to take classes, read books, catch up with old friends, learn to cook, take pottery lessons, do the things on this list, etc.


How do you plan to shake up your year? Tell us below!

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