8 Types of Commuters

That You Don’t Want to Become

By Janelle Almosara

Much has been said about everyday commute in Manila, but we all know that one of the hardest things to deal with is the people who seem to forget that commuting means sharing a space with others.

We’ve done a few lists about fellow commuters that you might meet along the way and we bet that you found yourself agreeing (and even relating) to some of the usual archetypes. But today, we’re listing down the types of commuters that you want to avoid (and definitely don’t want to become).

1. Ms. Pocahontas


Ms. Pocahontas has a hair that flows like a river but never bothers to hold it or tie it up as the jeepney goes on full speed. Their hair tends to fly everywhere, usually landing to their unfortunate seatmates’ face. I mean, sure, it feels nice to imagine yourself in a shampoo commercial, but it’s not cool if it’s to other’s discomfort.

How to not be like them: Bring a hair tie, hold your hair, and just be aware of the people around you.


2. The Thrower


The Thrower is someone who loves to eat and drink inside the vehicle but would throw their trash outside like an uncivilized person. From eating nilagang mani to fast food wrappers and takeout cups, the thrower never really cares if they litter even if there’s already a small trash can inside the vehicle. Usually seen in jeepneys and ordinary buses, this type of commuter would use a quick reminder — and possibly a trash bag that they can bring everywhere.

How to not be like them: Hold your trash and wait until you find a bin where you can throw your wrappers and cups.


3. The Manspreader


The Manspreader loves to spread their legs like wings of an eagle. They open it as wide as they can, taking up huge space that other people could use. Whether it’s an almost unoccupied jeepney or a jam-packed bus, they couldn’t care less and would still do their thing.

How to not be like them: Close your legs as much as possible. If it’s not packed, spreading them would be fine, but if there are a lot of passengers going in – please, for the love of everything holy, just don’t do it.


4. The DJ


The DJ is someone who thinks highly of their music selection – whether it be Shanti Dope, Ex-Battallion, or some cheesy love song. They love their choices so much that they want to share it to the whole FX, blasting their phones and sometimes even singing along. While there are a few DJs who play decent music, sometimes you couldn’t help but have the urge to throw some earphones in and hope to god that they go down ASAP.

How to not be like them: No matter how good your song selection is, just keep it to yourself and use a headphone. Other people could use a quiet time as a way to catch up with some rest before they work / before they get home and tend to their house chores.

5. The Chitty-Chatter


Mostly titas who love to get their chismis on or teenagers laughing and screaming at each other’s faces as they go from one place to another, the Chitty-Chatter doesn’t care if they become too noisy to bear. They will tell their stories, screech, scream, laugh, or even swear wherever they be. While they can be entertaining at times, they also tend to be too loud that you’d wish you could stop them from uttering another word.

How to not be like them: Converse in a moderate tone. There’s nothing wrong with laughing and telling stories, but keep it down, for Pete’s sake.


6. The Line Cutter


That one person who has the audacity to cut through lines and trying to get ahead of everyone else. They don’t give a damn if you’ve waited for an hour to get inside that jeep – they’ll cut you right off and take your well-deserved seat.

How to not be like them: Just wait for your turn, for crying out loud.


7. The Deadma


The Deadma technically has one default expression wherever they go: they just don’t give a damn at all. Need to pass your fare to the driver? Deadma. A pregnant woman is standing up on the bus? Deadma. An old man needing help to get inside the jeep? Deadma. Are they blocking the way as people are offloading from the train? Deadma. They couldn’t care less if they’re causing inconvenience to others and it’s just… inhumane.

How to not be like them: Just be sensitive to the people around you. Look at them and try to be helpful whenever you can. Kindness can go a long way.


8. The Perv


Someone who just can’t keep it in their pants. Definitely the worst among the bunch – these people take sexual advantages to others and are just simply disgusting.

How to not be like them: Respect other people and just don’t even think of doing these gross acts to others. Please.


What type of commuter have you encountered? Tell us below!

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