A Noob’s Guide

on Finding the Right

Nude Lipstick

By Tynne De Leon

Nude lipsticks are becoming quite a  hit in the make-up scene. Lots of celebrities are rocking them, and make-up gurus are raving about them.

Whether you’re still looking for the perfect nude for you or you’re currently exploring new shades, we’re here to help!

8. Find a texture that you’re comfortable with

Choose a lipstick texture that reflects your personal style and preference. If you want a long-lasting lippie, mattes are for you. Cream lipsticks, on the other hand, moisturize your lips and provide more shine, although they can bleed over lip lines. You can also go for glossy, to add glam to your look.


7. Know your undertones

Via Allure

There are three categories of skin undertones: warm, neutral and cool. This can also be a good basis if you’re indecisive on which nude shade to wear. Not sure how to check yours? Here’s a guide for you.


6. Your natural lip color matters

While we often base our shade choices to match our skin tone, people sometimes overlook that their natural lip color also matters. Remember: the closer the shade to your natural lip color, the better.


5. Light nudes for the light-skinned

Via beaut.

Fair-skinned pinays can rock flesh-toned or baby pink nudes—shades that give emphasis on both lips and bright face.

4. Peachy nudes are for medium skin tones

Peachy nudes go well with medium skin color, as well as dark pink hues.


3. Darker nudes best fit morena girls

For morena girls, they can try warmer browns to complement their skin color. Nude Nuance and Toasted Brown are two of the best bets in Maybelline’s lip collection.


2. Mix and match colors

Can’t seem to find “the one”? Try mixing two shades to get your desired color. That way, you can control the color of your lips according to your make-up and/or skin tone.


1. Choose more than one shade

Since there are a lot of shades to choose from, settling for just one shade can make your overall look boring. Explore other colors that would also match your make-up and OOTD. Maybelline has 16 shades to choose from, and they’re on sale for the whole month of June!


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