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By Kyzia Maramara

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What better time to reminisce past loves than during Heart’s Month? In a Facebook post that went viral a couple of days ago, the world was reminded (or at least our moms/dads, titos/titas were) about the colorful and eventful love life of Sharon ‘Megastar’ Cuneta.

Sharon was one of the greatest stars of her time. She starred in multiple movies, was a remarkable actress and singer, and, apparently had so many boys falling for her long jet black hair. When we think of a personality that we know has had a lot of boyfriends, our mind almost always reverts to Taylor Swift. But after that viral Facebook post, we now have a Filipina to put up that pedestal, if you could call it one, and sit her beside Taylor Swift.

Sharon’s love affairs weren’t composed of flings, however. They were true, they hurt, but eventually, she found the right one for her.

In case you didn’t know yet, here are Sharon’s exes according to what she revealed by commenting on the viral post as April Mondragon. Which one is your favorite? Which one do you think is her greatest love?

1. Albert Martinez

Albert Martinez, Gabby Concepcion, and William Martinez (L-R)

The Megastar started showbiz at a very young age, she’s been exposed to a lot of good looking lads in the industry. Albert Martinez, she claims, became her phone pal with whom she developed a sort of puppy love with.


2. Gabby Concepcion

#TeamGabby fans would argue that they were perfect for each other. Gabby’s youth, charm, and appeal back then had the capacity to make girls within a 10-mile radius faint, the equally stunning Sharon seemed like a match made in heaven for him.

Sharon reveals that she was not pregnant when Gabby proposed to him one night backstage. They had a private ceremony before their wedding in Manila Cathedral. Sharon was 19 when she had KC.


3. Rowell Santiago

Gabby was a cheater, apparently. Sharon left him and somehow found her way into the arms of a director who looked like he could be Gabby’s brother.

Sharon said that out of all her exes she regrets breaking Rowell’s heart the most. He didn’t deserve it, according to her. But her heart still wanted Gabby at the time and well, we all know, the heart wants what it wants. To this day they remain good friends.


4. Jude Aguilar

Jude is one of Sharon’s non-showbiz boyfriends. He was an advertising executive back in the days when he was with Sharon. The pair didn’t have much exposure because Jude wasn’t in the showbiz industry.

5. Richard Gomez

Tall, dark, and handsome, Goma also captured many hearts back in the day. He and Sharon were romantically involved and the relationship got serious that they even considered marriage. In the viral Facebook post, Sharon commented that her greatest love started with the letter ‘R.’ Is it possible that it’s the sweet Richard Gomez?


6. Robin Padilla

Who would’ve thought that the macho and rough-looking playboy we see nowadays has the capacity to fall really hard for a woman? Sharon and Robin’s chemistry was electric. He was a couple of years younger than her, and maybe that in itself became their downfall.

Sharon admitted that their relationship came to the point where Robin had asked for her hand in marriage and her family agreed. She admitted that she felt he was the one for her that time. Unfortunately, he went and knocked somebody up (and also got jailed many years later).


7. Charlie Cojuangco

Another of Megastar’s non-showbiz ex-boyfriends is Charlie Cojuangco whom she also got engaged to but eventually had a bad break-up with. Most of her ex-boyfriends got engaged to her, if that doesn’t prove how much of a catch she is, then I don’t know what will.


8. Kiko Pangilinan

Yes, Kiko isn’t an ex.

After getting her heart hoping and broken for the umpteenth time, Sharon must have longed for a stable, faithful, and loyal man to come along. And come along he did, in the form of Senator Kiko Pangilinan her husband of 22 years. He might not have the dashing looks of all her other exes, but what he lacks in that department he makes up for in character.

Kiko never once cheated on her, she even offered Php 10M to whoever would show her any evidence he did. And for a woman who has been cheated on in her past relationships, this is a big thing. This is why they still continue strong as husband and wife even after two decades. They’ve managed to raise four beautiful children: KC, Frankie, Miel, and Miguel.

There’s a lot of debate going on about whether Sharon is happy with her life and in particular, her marriage with Kiko. A lot of people feel that she settled with him when she could’ve married another handsome man. That’s show business for you. But, as most people involved in a long relationship will tell you, if you rely on passion to grant you happiness throughout the years, it will soon fade. But if you decide with reason, then you’ll find that after all these years you don’t regret marrying a man who loves you and only you.


Who’s your favorite ex-boyfriend?

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