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Modern Love:

Signs That They’re Into You

in this Age of Social Media

By Therese Aseoche

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We live in the age of the Internet, where we can finally weed out the pabebes and the flirts from the people who actually are willing to get to know us better. It’s become much easier to tell if someone’s interested in you. You can see it in the way they try their best to connect with you in this digital age. You can see it too in the active efforts they make to become part of your world, which goes beyond adding each other on social media and passively liking profile photo changes.

These may not apply to everybody, but these are some signs to watch out for to find out if he or she is really into you.

They watch your Instagram stories

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There’s much to be said about a person who would willingly consume your online content just to update themselves with the goings-on of your life. It’s the kind of cyberstalking that’s flattering and done with good intention, the kind of affection that’s subtle, the kind that really means something when they weren’t so active in the platform in the first place.


They go from “Active 3h ago” to “Active now” real quick

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As with friends, those with the truest intentions will always make time for you. They don’t make you wait a couple of hours for a short or disinterested reply. They’re there when you need them to be, and will want to keep a conversation going with you at any time of the day.


They use stickers on Messenger

There’s that level of closeness you have to reach before you use Facebook Messenger stickers on a person, and if you find yourself using a bunch in your conversation, including a few flirty ones, then that’s definitely something.


They tag you in Facebook posts

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Because you know that a person only tags you when something they see reminds them of you. The music video of a band you love, a funny comic that matches your sense of humor, a cleverly-written listicle they know you’d appreciate… you just know that they’re taking notes!

They invite you to Facebook events

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If there was online code for “please go on a date with me,” it’s this.


They send you random photos

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If they send you random photos of what they’re eating, of what they’re doing, of a cute dog on the street… then they really are interested in you. It goes both ways in the sense that they try their best to update themselves with your life and, at the same time, update you with what’s going on in theirs. These casual everyday moments they’re sharing with you is their way of opening up their world, and it’s your call whether you want to be part of it or not.


They retweet anything romantic or kilig-inducing

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Try browsing their profile; if it’s full of retweets of photo sets from romance movies, quotes from David Levithan’s The Lover’s Dictionary or 8-bitfiction, or lovesick tweets from random persons, then it’s safe to assume that they’re head over heels for you.


They will like every single photo of yours

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One day, when you wake up to a flood of notifications that all say “[Person] liked a post”, that’s when you become convinced that the person really, really likes you. Because if they spent a good hour of their life scrolling your social media timelines and liking every photo, then you just know how much attention they’re willing to shower you with.


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