Boredom Hacks:

8 Games You Should Have

on Your Phone

By Kyzia Maramara

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Looking for new games to download and keep you company during the long commute to work? Check out these 8 games available in Android and iOS!

1. Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur

Yes, I know, the dinosaur that keeps your cool when you don’t have internet has an app. It even has a name! You can now play Steve whenever you want and change your view of associating him with stress and crappy internet. It even has a widget so it can stay on your notifications center the entire time!

Android, iOS


2. Nonstop Chuck Norris

Save multiple universes with the all-powerful undefeatable Chuck Norris. Legend says that even his very tears can heal your wounds. Help Chuck fight the bad guys while collecting power-ups and unlocking significant abilities. Chuck Norris facts are also there to let you know Chuck better. What a steal, this game, eh?

Android, iOS


3. Wordscapes

Challenge your vocabulary with Wordscapes, a game you commonly see being played in public transportation. More and more people are getting addicted to this brilliant game. It just might save the vocabulary of the kids out there.

Android, iOS


4. Heart’s Medicine – Hospital Heat

Live out your dreams to become a doctor with Heart’s Medicine Hospital Heat. Go thought 60 levels of time management and problem solving with added extra challenges in different levels. Operate on patients and get to upgrade the hospital by earning equipment. Get hooked with the storyline and enjoy every level!

Android, iOS

5. Tunnel Rush

This high speed racing game will require all your focus to get through the maze of ever changing tunnels. If you play this on your way to work, you just might arrive at the office with a bit of an adrenaline rush in your veins. And if you’re competitive, then this game is for you.

Android, iOS


6. Super Phantom Cat 2

Super Phantom Cat 2 is a platform game that pays homage to 8-bit and 16-bit games we all grew up with. Get to possess phantom super powers and play as different characters. The colorful world of Phantom Cat won’t leave you bored, that’s for sure.

Android, iOS


7. Paper Toss Boss

This game might be your regular game of paper toss made digital but it has all the challenges a physical game of paper toss can’t do. Show your tossing skills with moving baskets, fiery paper balls, and 15 other objects you can throw.

Android, iOS


8. Neko Atsume

Cat lovers everywhere will love this game. Neko Atsume gives you a bare backyard where you can place toys and food and wait for cats to visit. The more you collect cats and the rarer the cats are, the more money you can have to buy them toys like expensive three-tiered scratching posts or tents for them to sleep in.

Android, iOS


Got any other games to add? Share it with us!

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