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By Kyzia Maramara

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If you’re the type to easily covet things, here’s a warning: this list is guaranteed to make you jealous! We’ve scouted the internet for great items from both local and international that will wow you, and our scouting did not disappoint! From portable bidets to hovercrafts to health tech, these inventions will show you the genius of the human race.

1. Manang Bidet

Manang Bidet is a locally made hygiene tool that’s perfect for those who are always on the go. The handheld manual bidet conveniently addresses sanitary needs and is portable enough to bring with you wherever you go. They have different nozzles available that fit on the lip of plastic water bottles, but if you don’t have bottles they also offer kits that come with a collapsible bottle. If you’re a backpacker, a traveler, a student, or you just like to be prepared during restroom breaks, Manang Bidet is your savior!


2. Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand

This stand allows you to hang one or two hammocks in the back of your car or truck. Imagine driving, overlooking the view of the city, assembling this installation in minutes, and sitting back to relax! What a great way to cap off a week. Each arm of the stand is capable of holding 250lbs, a total weight of 500lbs for two arms. This can be purchased online on Amazon.


3. Scorpion 3 Hoverbike

The personal hovercraft is real and it is here! Although it isn’t as cool and as Back-to-the-Future as we want to, we’re progressing.

Riding the Scorpion 3 Hoverbike is like riding an oversized drone, complete with the small rotary blades on the four corners of the machine. It can carry one person and can hover for about 27 minutes at a time. If they release this now, every rider has to wear full gear protection up to their pinkies because it looks dangerous but exciting. You can finally please jeepney drivers when they shout “Lumipad ka!”


4. Foot-powered washing machine

Via Yahoo

Drumi is a portable washing machine that saves electricity and water, and at the same time gives you a bit of an exercise. With more and more people being more conscious of our energy consumption and helping to save the planet, Drumi comes to the scene just in time. It’s designed to take 2kg of soiled clothes which takes about 5 minutes of pedaling to wash. Drumi takes the term multi-tasking to a whole new level.

5. Smart supermarket carts

Can you imagine the convenience of having screens attached to supermarket carts? Other countries actually have this tech available for them! The screen shows a directory of the whole store, detailing the products in different aisles so you don’t have to walk back and forth searching for your item. Some even display the total price of the items in your cart!

While many argue that inventions like these are what will end the human race (because we’ll be even more lazy), isn’t it better to use technology to our advantage and ease of living?


6. Two screen laptop by Slidenjoy

One is enough, two is alright, but three is better with Slidenjoy, a laptop that packs quite a surprise with two slide-out screens. Now you don’t have to switch from window to window, you can actually just look from screen to screen! The slide-outs can also be folded so the people in front of you can have their own monitor – handy in presentations during meetings. Now this is something we need!


7. Diabetes Sensor

If there’s advancement in technology that people seldom complain about, it’s health tech. We have always been blessed with news on technology paving the way to a breakthrough in healing a disease or preventing it. Now we can add the Diabetes Sensor to the list!

FreeStyle Libre monitors your glucose with a painless scan, sparing you the old method of pricking your finger with a needle. It indicates patterns and trends in your glucose level so you can manage your diabetes better. The sensor that you have to stick at the back of your upper arm should be changed once every 10 days and scanned once every 8 hours.


8. Amphipac

Ever wished you could capture underwater scenes with great resolution and not spend a lot on an underwater camera? Amphipac solves that problem by building a waterproof case for (sadly) iPhones only. The casing works by covering your phone with two layers of clear film that help create a low pressure air pocket. The casing also helps to float your phone in the event that you drop it in the water.

The makers of this masterpiece have announced that they’re launching a KickStarter campaign soon so stay tuned!


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