Always swore you would be a #NewYearNewMe for the past few New Years, only to give in to old habits that don’t bring you any closer to your goal to #LiveBetter? Are you the cold-turkey, quit-everything kind, or the leisurely, bahala-na kind? Take this quiz to find out!

  • A. Stay away from the fridge… and in your room, crying and weeping while eating boiled kamote.
  • B. Eat a little bit just to satisfy your craving, but no more than a few bites.
  • C. Eat as much ham, cheese and fruitcake as you want and swear to burn all the calories in the gym tomorrow (or the day after that…).

  • A. Card it right away, ignoring your pile of unsettled bills.
  • B. Call a friend or two who have tried the promo before to see if it’s worth the splurge.
  • C. Pay in cash up front – after selling your other unused home gym equipment and fitness paraphernalia.

  • A. Wake up waaay earlier to have gym time in the morning!
  • B. Incorporate more exercise into your daily routine. It’s time to buy that secondhand bike you’ve been eyeing.
  • C. Multi-task. It’s easy to do squats while waiting for your dinner to cook after all…

  • A. Your cheerleader spirit. Go team!!
  • B. Your strategic mind and sound decision-making.
  • C. Your being a Yes Woman/Man – especially motivated by the double-reward of added exercise and a free vacation!

  • A. Quinoa, Dried Kale Chips, Flaxseed, Maca Powder and… some other things you’re not sure how to pronounce (or use).
  • B. Brown rice. You’re taking it nice and slow.
  • C. Low-fat versions of your favorite nut butters, and some homemade fruit jam.

  • A. A no-sweets, no-rice weeklong challenge doubled by an additional gym session. Because you’re THAT extra.
  • B. A highly dreaded trip to the doctor – complete with cholesterol check, stress tests, a nutrition test and a health review to know your Philam Vitality Age.
  • C. Joining a 5K run on the weekend – after all, your crush is there too.

  • A. A whole year’s worth of yoga and CrossFit memberships.
  • B. A pantry full of healthy condiments and your own workout mat.
  • C. A new workout wardrobe. A subtle motivation that’s way cheaper than equipment!

  • A. Good health, better stamina, being able to do more sports!
  • B. All-around wellness. Which includes better time, budget and meal management.
  • C. Getting to eat more of what I want without the guilt and worry. And maybe a more fab body, of course!

Regardless of the result you got, this is your chance to reach this year’s goals! Camp #LiveBetter is the total wellness game show powered by Philam Vitality that will help contestants train harder, eat healthier, and manage their finances better, and show that you can, too.

Catch Camp #LiveBetter at to watch all three episodes and find out how you, too, can live a longer, healthier, and better life. To know more, talk to a Philam Life Financial Advisor, find us on Facebook at PhilamLifeAIA, or call (02)528-2000.

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