For all the lessons we learned about the Pinoy’s positive traits, we would always be told how polite and helpful we are. But as we grow older, the more we encounter, well, not-so-pleasant fellows around us. Perhaps because of this, we, in turn, and without becoming aware of it become Grouchy as well.

We dare you to take this test and be honest with yourself. Perhaps you will be surprised at your results.

  • A. Pretend not to see him/her and pass the neighbor by.
  • B. Feel relieved to have someone to talk to that day and engage in a conversation.
  • C. Turn back around towards your flat.
  • D. Say some flimsy excuse. Like, you badly need to pee.

  • A. Let them knock until their knuckles bleeD. You can do this ignoring thing all day.
  • B. Play your music as loud as you can.
  • C. “I’m sorry, I have a flu and can’t come to the door.”
  • D. Gives him/her butter, eggs, milk and flour. Heck, you even offered them the use of your oven.

  • A. Go to the unit and politely ask them to turn it down.
  • B. You go in front of their unit and drop your wet, stinky trash in front of their door.
  • C. You start writing a letter of complaint to your landlorD.
  • D. You curse at the heavens and bear the noise pollution.

  • A. Carefully move your car somewhere else so that someone else gets the blame.
  • B. Go to their unit and apologize to your neighbor. You offer to pay for the damages.
  • C. You nick your car, too. That way you can say that someone in the neighborhood is out to nick cars. A serial nicker.
  • D. You start having the argument with your neighbor in your heaD. You think up of possible faults you can throw at your neighbor: He/She does not know how to park, their sidemirrors are in the way, they played their music too loud yesterday, etC.

  • A. I don’t want to bother anyone else. I’ll just break the door open.
  • B. Knock on your neighbor’s door and politely ask them if you could you use their phone.
  • C. You start cursing loudly, not caring about the scene you’re making.
  • D. You start tinkering with your locks, just like the way you saw others do it on YouTube.

  • A. Take out your phone and pretend to be reading or texting somebody.
  • B. Offer him/her help in carrying some of the loaD.
  • C. Show off a frown. Pass by without any offer.
  • D. Use the other set of stairs going down. Or look for another elevator.

  • A. Start drafting a letter of complaint. How dare they impose upon your time!
  • B. You look forward to it. It would be a nice opportunity to meet almost everyone.
  • C. You plot how you would turn your electricity off so that no one would know you’re there inside your unit.
  • D. You plan on how to arrange for an overtime at work, just so you’d miss out on exchanging niceties.

  • A. “Oh how nice! Maybe I should help them out.”
  • B. “October pa lang! Sprayan ko yan ng kulay dugo e.”
  • C. “I hope they don’t play Christmas songs loudly. Or else I’ll freak out.”
  • D. Start drafting a letter of complaint.


So, which kind of neighbor are you? Comment what you think below or better yet, discuss with your #FriendsNextDoor as we celebrate Avida Grand Neighbor Day this October 28, 2017. Ignite the spirit of neighborhood and improve your community by being nice to your neighbor!

Avida Land is a residential brand of Ayala Land, the Philippines’ leading developer of sustainable estates offering a diverse mix of quality residential and commercial developments that support local economic growth.

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