Ed Sheeran Songs

We Can’t Wait to Hear Live

By Karina Sitaldas

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Everyone’s favorite ginger Brit, Ed Sheeran, who’s supposed to be in Manila on the 7th of November as part of his “Divide” tour, had us so excited to be serenaded by his heartfelt, soulful music. Alas, an injury has caused him to move his concert on April 8 of next year.

Nonetheless, we can’t wait for him to steal our hearts over and over, especially with these songs:


“Perfect” is one of the sweetest songs ever. Even if you’re one of those anti-love people, it’ll get you to swoon a little. Ed wrote this song for his girlfriend, but if we’re lucky enough, he’ll sing it to all of us, and we can all pretend to be Cherry Seaborn.


Shape Of You

“Shape Of You” is one of the first songs Ed released off of his Divide album, and we’re not kidding when we say that not a day has gone by that we haven’t heard this song, even in passing, since it was released. Would you be surprised… it has over a billion listens on Spotify! There are so many different versions, mixes, and covers of this song, but one thing’s for sure: none of them can compare to the original one.


Galway Girl

This song caught our ears as soon as it was released, and it has remained one of our favorites from Divide. Both “Galway Girl” and “Nancy Mulligan” (also on the Divide album) have a folky sound and are firsts from Ed. It’s got a tune that makes you feel like you’re in a bar in the countryside of England, and who doesn’t want to experience that?


Kiss Me

If you were one of Ed’s first fans, then you definitely know this song. This is one from his debut album and is actually the song that made us fall in love with his music. Though the chances of him singing this for us are low, since it’s not as big as his other songs; we can hope!

Thinking Out Loud

“Thinking out Loud” is one of Ed’s most popular songs, without a doubt. From the super sweet lyrics to a music video that perfectly complimented the song, it’s one of his best hits.



This is one from the old Ed Sheeran. There’s undeniable sadness and hope that can be heard with each word that he sings. It’s so sweet, and so sad, and brings out all the feels.



He captures so well the feelings of loving someone and being happiest with her but seeing her happier without him. It’s so sad and tugs at your heartstrings, but that seems to be something that Ed does really well.


Give Me Love

This is another one from his debut album and has always stayed relevant with us. It’s so sincere, touching, and heartbreaking. Oh, Ed. We’d give you love.


Which ones are you looking forward to? Share them with us below!

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