We live in a galaxy so vast even our own wildest imaginations cannot comprehend its grandness; it would be arrogant of humans to think that we’re the only life form out there. Although we immediately tend to dismiss as hoaxes some UFO sightings, maybe there is some truth to these despite every supposed ‘encounter’ being filmed using the lowest camera quality ever.

Recently, a guy from Italy recorded 38 unidentified flying objects cross the moon and this has created speculation. Let’s revisit the most famous and most recent encounters with the extraterrestrial kind.

38 UFOs flying across the moon

On July 29, 2018, a day after the Blood Moon in Rome, Italy, a man recorded the passage of the moon because it looked so clear. It was apparently so clear that the camera caught a fleet of unidentified flying objects cross the moon. Of course people were quick to dismiss it as a flock of birds, a fleet of aircraft, or insects crossing the lens of the camera. At this point, we’re not even sure what it is anymore, but if you’re interested in finding out more, check out The Black Vault’s investigation.


The Belgium Wave

This phenomenon took place in November 1989 when people were said to have seen large UFOs passing overhead. Over the next few months, people would report seeing UFOs in the shape of triangles with bright lights on them. In one particular instance, it was even detected on radar and had two Belgian Air Force F-16s chase after it. They tried to find it for about an hour and even had a few radar-locks, only to discover that they were radar-locking on each other.


Phoenix Lights

A group of lights, which witnesses recount looks like part of a massive aircraft, flew just above the clouds over several states in the US on March 13, 1997. The witnesses all describe roughly the same thing – it was huge, it flew overheard, it was shaped like a carpenter’s square, and it had five bright lights underneath it. Despite the number of people who saw it and who claimed that it wasn’t anything man-made, the government reasoned that the lights were flares dropped by military aircraft or flares attached to balloons released by civilians. Now who do you believe?

If you’re intrigued, watch the documentary The Phoenix Lights directed by Lynne Kitei.


Kenneth Arnold’s UFO sighting

You could consider Idaho pilot Kenneth Arnold the father of UFO sightings, what he saw 70 years ago created quite a scandal. Arnold was an Idaho pilot flying near Mount Rainier looking for downed C-46 Marine transport, suddenly he saw bright flashes of light coming from a string of 9 flying objects which he could only describe as “flying saucers” thus coining the term. These objects flew the side of the mountain with such speed that it would be impossible to be piloted by a human, and then disappeared.

Many months and years later, Arnold would pay the price for seeing and describing something so outrageous – for a long time a lot of people criticized and ridiculed him, his name was in every form of media. But he never wavered in his story up to the day he died. Which makes us wonder, what on Earth did he see?


In the government: Boyd Bushman and Paul Hellyer

Via CNet

Like a plot straight from a movie, an alleged former CIA agent, Boyd Bushman, on his deathbed claims he saw aliens and alien spacecraft in the highly mysterious Area 51 US Air Force base. He’s even got pictures to prove it, although this was debunked by Reddit users who say they found the ‘alien’ for sale in Walmart.

Paul Hellyer a former Canadian Minister of Defense revealed that an unnamed former Canadian Chief of Emergency Measures who was suffering from neurological illness confided that he was able to tour an alien spacecraft in Area 51. This revelation only solidified Hellyer’s belief in UFOs. Last year he claimed that world leaders are covering up the existence of aliens living among us, and actually says that at least 4 alien species have already landed on Earth.

Both these accounts mention Area 51, a top-secret military space in Nevada which is rumored to be where the government experiments on extraterrestrials. The existence of Area 51 has also only been reluctantly admitted by the US back in 2013 which definitely stirs a lot of suspicions.


The Lubbock Lights

If a lot of people witness a particular phenomenon, does that make it true? Much like the Phoenix Lights, the Lubbock Texas lights in August to September 1951 were seen by a hundred people and even photographed by one. A group of university scientists were one of the first to see the V-shaped formation of about 30 bluish green lights in the Texas sky. A freshman college student named Carl Hart Jr. photographed the lights from his Kodak 35 and it became a concrete evidence of what everyone is saying they saw. Unfortunately, until now the Lubbock lights remain a mystery.


Two pilots saw the same UFO

Earlier this year two pilots manning two different aircraft witnessed the same thing – an unidentified flying object a few thousand meters above them. The first pilot who was flying Learjet radioed Albuquerque Air Traffic Center in New Mexico if something passed them about 30 seconds ago. Air traffic replied that nothing showed up in their radar but alerted the nearby American Airlines Airbus. The American Airlines pilot called to say he saw something big and glinting passing above them going the opposite direction.  Both times air traffic never detected anything so what could it be?


The Roswell Incident

The Roswell UFO Incident on July 7, 1949 when an unidentified object described as a ‘flying disk’ crashed on a ranch due to a powerful storm. When the government arrived in the area, the story seemed to change: the object was now reported to be a weather balloon.  It was about three decades later that people started looking back at what happened and conspiracy theories formed that the government covered up the whole incident.

Witnesses came forward and a certain Glenn Davis even claimed that his friend who was a nurse at the Roswell Army Air Field had stumbled into an examination room where the bodies of three creatures with spindly arms and bald legs were being examined. This only added fuel to the conspiracies but like every weird encounter on this list, it didn’t have an explanation.

70 years later, on the anniversary of the Roswell Incident, thousands of people from around the world gather at the site to talk about all things extraterrestrial at the UFO Festival.

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