Now, now: We’re not talking about student-teacher relationships (ew).  But for the rest of you, educators aren’t typically  their first choice when looking for a partner, even overlooked at times.

We’re here to prove that dating those who teach as a profession has its advantages. Here are some of them:


1. They’re Patient, Passionate, and Punctual


Teaching takes a lot of hardwork, effort, and most especially patience, just like what a good relationship would require. Teachers have all these characteristics, and they have them in bunches.


2. They Have Summer Breaks


Thanks to their fixed schedules and holiday breaks, it’s easier to plan dates and out-of-town trips with your significant other. A trip to Japan? Already booked!


3. They’re Great Storytellers


Being surrounded by kids the whole day with wild imaginations and playful thoughts, teachers have some of the most awesome stories that they can share with you.


4. You’ll Actually Learn A Thing or Two About Life


Even if they’re outside the four walls of learning, it’s in their nature to continue teaching (and learning). Their influence as a good teacher (and a good person) will certainly be helpful to you in the future.


5. Because Smart is Sexy


Perhaps we’re too hung up on physical attributes that we fail to realize the joy of having a stimulating conversation with someone. Sure, it’s nice to have an eye-candy around, but it’s infinitely more satisfying to have our minds blown once in a while.


6. They’ll Charm Almost Anyone


Since their job requires them to interact with people on a daily basis, it would be convenient for you to have your partner be the one to face the crowd during parties! Also, since they meet parents during PTA meetings, it’ll be easier for them to win over your folks.


7. Weekday Dates = Netflix and Chill


Classes usually start at 7AM, so instead of going out until late and partying the night away, teachers will suggest to just hangout and chill for a perfect laid back and romantic date at home.


8. Communication Between the Two of You Will be the Best


Teachers talk every day for hours, so expect them to talk to you with sense and intelligence. They always go straight to the point and hear you out whenever you have problems with them. Plus, you’ll never run out of topics to talk about.


Got any more suggestions? Tell us about them below!


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