Pinoys are really great in a lot of things, and pageants and humor are two of them. If you’ve been living under the rock this past weekend, you might’ve missed the hilarious comments section of Catriona Gray’s photo in this year’s New York Fashion Week. Gray, our representative to this year’s Miss Universe, walked for American designer Sherri Hill in the famous fashion week, and of course, Pinoys couldn’t be more proud. So proud that the comments section of Sherri Hill’s official Facebook page were filled with entertaining puns from all over the world–err, country. Scroll down and laugh with us:


Greetings from Cali…


Cheers from Trinidad and… Benguet?


City of Stars, where is that?


Sleepless in Seattle’s Best


Let’s take it Middle East!


From the community of Rome…


Hello from the city of love!


Love from China… bank


Where are you from? Send your greetings below!



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