When we were younger, we loved to talk about, complain about, and share about the Titas of Manila in our lives. It’s always the same picture being painted about them: branded from head to toe, wielding their big fan and colorful shawl, and armed with harshly frank comments about us. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, these Titas will always be there, watching our every move. And we can’t do anything but shrug it off; we know they mean well and just want the best for us.

Now that we’ve grown a little older, being a Tita has quickly become a badge of honor and a symbol of maturity. Millennial Titas are proud to have Wine Nights with friends, to stay home on a Friday night, to choose tea over coffee, and to generally be responsible and mature working adults. They may not all be full-fledged Titas who give ampao to their inaanak during Christmas or constantly think about living expenses, but they’re ready to start their journey with grace. “Titas in Training” kuno.

Millennial Titas (or Titas in Training) are different from the Titas of Manila in a lot of ways. From their consumption habits to their outfit choices, these two types of Titas have their own unmistakable identity. Here are the ways you can differentiate the two:

Coffee choices

Titas of Manila love to stick to their usual favorites, and you’ll always see them in their go-to cafés and restaurants with their amigas. They aren’t as experimental with their coffee choices and will always order the classics: caffe latte, cappuccino, or brewed coffee with cream and brown sugar.

Millennial Titas will value the aesthetics of a place before anything else. They aren’t always loyal to a specific coffee shop; neither are they loyal to one particular type of coffee. They will gravitate towards coffee shops that are beautiful and Instagram-worthy and order anything that sounds good for them at the moment. Oh, and tea is always, always a worthy alternative.


Dressing up

Titas of Manila are often seen sporting a shawl, bulky earrings, and big designer bags that hold almost everything.

Millennial Titas, on the other hand, are almost always seen sporting their culottes, dressy blouses, and sandals. When it comes to bag choices, they’ll either bring around their simply stylish tote or just borrow any purse from their mom’s collection — as long as it isn’t too “designer” for their tastes.


What they do on Facebook

Titas of Manila are known for leaving comments on your photos to comment how: 1) big you’ve grown, 2) fat or thin you’ve become, and 3) “you look like your father/mother — speaking of, greet your parents for me, God bless.”

Millennial Titas tend to veer away from their social media because they’d rather do something else more interesting and worth their time, away from the toxicity of the Internet. When they do find themselves online, they’re browsing the dozens of Facebook groups they’re a part of: one for buy-and-sell, another for their hobbies, another for DIY travel planning ideas, and etcetera.


Drinking habits

There are two types of Titas of Manila: the ones who go out to have wine with their amigas, and the ones who stay away from alcohol completely.

There are two types of Millennial Titas too: the ones who also go out to have wine with their friends, and the ones who go out to party but will need to recover for daaaays afterwards.

And no, gossip and chika will never be optional!



Titas of Manila like splurging on material goods from the mall or the ukay-ukay just because they can. The Fashionista Titas, most especially, find happiness shopping for stylish and branded things for themselves. Most of them time, they shop just as much for the ones they love too. They may not entirely get the right size or taste of whoever they’re buying it for because they’re too busy looking at the design, style, or brand, but it’s the thought that counts!

Millennial Titas tend to splurge on a variety of other things: skincare, decorations for their bedrooms or office desks, a new hobby, new clothes (either from a bazaar or from Uniqlo), and their daily cups of coffee from Starbucks, Coffee Bean, or a new artisanal café nearby.


When they’re bored and on the phone

When bored and on the phone, Titas of Manila are only doing one of two things: browsing their Facebook account (their only social media account) or playing oldie but goodie phone games like Candy Crush and Word Crossing.

Millennial Titas are most likely also browsing their various social media, playing the phone game they’re currently into, or watching all their friends’ Instagram stories.


Choice of Yearly Planner

Titas of Manila are prone to getting sucked into marketing ploys of coffee shops that give out planners in exchange for dozens of cups of coffee. Those who don’t will just visit the nearest bookstore to buy a bulky daily planner that can accommodate their lengthy daily to-dos — that is, if their children don’t buy it for them first for Christmas.

Millennial Titas also like collecting stickers for a coffee shop planner, but they’re very much aware that it’s all a marketing ploy. But they still do it because they get their daily dose of caffeine from them anyway! Those who don’t will be on the lookout for any planner that’s both pretty and functional. Their faves: Belle de Jour Power Planner, Tita Witty, and the Hobonichi Techo.


All About Oils

Titas of Manila will always have either a bottle of Efficascent Oil or Whiteflower in their bags just in case they get a headache or get nauseous anytime during the day.

Millennials Titas are all about essential oils now, with different scents to choose from. Lavender and Peppermint are usual faves! They’re said to address a variety of health concerns, including stress, anxiety, and indigestion.


Which one are you: the Tita of Manila or the Tita in Training? Sound off in the comments section below!



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