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The Art of Deskercising: 8 More Deskercises for Your Workaholic Butt

By 8List

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Work-life-balance? What’s that?

If leaving work on ungodly hours, skipping meal times and bingeing on junk is your norm, then prepare to get sick or gain weight in no time. Sure, you’ll get better after a day or two of SL, but can you handle not fitting in your clothes anymore? Can you even afford a new (and two-sizes-bigger) wardrobe?

Work that workaholic butt not only for the client or company’s sake. Aside from these 8, here are more deskercises that will do wonders for your health.

8. Keyboard Stretch


Try to focus on the exercise move and not on the beautiful, topless man. It’ll be hard, but you can do it! When you’re typing most of the day, your hands and wrists need this stretch.


7. Book Press


Maybe if you have strong, toned arms, you’ll be able to compose more effective emails? Right? Well, it’s worth a try! Go get started with this workout.


6. Office Yoga


Who says you need to go out for some zen time? Take out your yoga mat, do some yoga poses and meditate when things at the office get overwhelming. You do you; don’t bother with what others might think.


5. Assisted Disco Reach


Stressed out? Pause for a dance-break, and get your happy hormones flowing with this move!

4. Waiting-for-the-Printer Push-Up


Waste no time! Tone your body as you wait for your documents to print. By the time it finishes printing, you’ll feel stronger and more energized.


3. Curtsy Kick


Why don’t you propose a standing meeting to your team? Discuss your ideas while doing the Curtsy Kick, and everyone will surely be pleased. Why wouldn’t they be when you make them feel like royalty?


2. Seated Child’s Pose


When the back of your neck starts to hurt, but you didn’t binge on chicharon, consider it a call for a stretch. That means it’s time to take a break to do the Seated Child’s Pose. Be forewarned, though: Your officemates might wonder if you’re breaking down. Again, brush them off and do you.


1. Wide Pile


Are you really going to spend your whole day sitting down? Stand up while you study that brief! Make it even more productive, and do this exercise while you’re at it. This one’s awesome for toning the butt and glutes.

Any other deskercises you’d like to add? Sound off below!

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