Reasons Why

“Ocean’s 8”

Gets a Ten

By Macky Macarayan

If you’re thinking that   Ocean’s 8    is just a gender swapped   Ocean’s Eleven,   then you’re missing out on all the fun. Not only is this spinoff a fashionable and funny caper, but also a showcase of the individual comedic talents of its fascinating characters. We loved every moment of this two-hour parade of style, wit and attitude, and here’s why you will too:

Sandra Bullock as Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock plays Debbie Ocean, sister to George Clooney’s Danny Ocean (he does not appear here). At the start of the film, we see Debbie get released from prison and plan a heist soon afterward, just like at the start of    Ocean’s Eleven.    Bullock is the mastermind of everything that occurs in this film, a cool and calculating planner that keeps tabs on every detail. Stripped down, Bullock plays Debbie Ocean as Sandra Bullock, the quirky, sarcasm-laden character we saw in films like    Miss Congeniality,   The Proposal    and   Two Weeks Notice.  We’re not complaining. We love classic Sandra.


Cate Blanchett times 100

Okay, one criticism that can be thrown against Cate Blanchett’s Lou is that she doesn’t have any back story at all, apart from her shady business of diluting vodka with water. But when you’re always dressed like you’re going to be photographed, even when you’re just going to buy vinegar at the store (if you know what we mean), then we can probably forgive the poor characterization. Plus, it’s Cate Blanchett. She can play a rock and not do anything and still win an Oscar. No wonder even Kristen Stewart was mesmerized at Cannes.


Anne Hathaway plays the diva celebrity in full camp mode

Anne Hathaway plays Daphne Kluger, a celebrity who becomes an unwitting pawn in the Met Gala heist. Embracing the campiness of the role, Hathaway makes every gesture, line, and facial expression as exaggerated as can be. She’s the Andy Garcia of the movie, a seemingly clueless player, but with tricks up her sleeve too.


Who dressed Helena Bonham-Carter? Tim Burton?

We know, we know. Bonham-Carter and Burton broke up, but we can’t help seeing the former through her many incarnations in the latter’s films. Perhaps the most over-the-top of all the characters in   Ocean’s 8,    Bonham-Carter’s Rose Weil, a disgraced fashion designer, is also the most fun. One of our favorite scenes is when she tries to copy the specs of the Cartier diamond necklace through her eyeglasses, which ends up in thrilling hilarity. One plot hole we noticed though is that why didn’t Rose wear her own design to the Met Gala, since she’s the designer in the group?

Sarah Paulson teaches us grace under pressure

Paulson plays Tammy, a mild-mannered housewife whom Debbie lures back into the fold. Tammy basically sources everything for the team, since her background is smuggling (we know, this film really isn’t a role model for kids, hence the parental guidance). It’s fascinating to see Paulson’s character crack under pressure, but you know, in a stylish way. Posing as one of the staff for the Met Gala, Tammy uses her maternal skills to ensure that the event goes without a snag, or otherwise, when the team needs a diversion for their heist. Also, this serves as a reunion for Paulson and Blanchett, who played Abby and Carol in Todd Haynes’   Carol   (gosh, we really love that movie).


Awkwafina’s deadpan humor

Awkwafina plays Constance, a street hustler who provides the skills necessary to snatch the necklace from Anne Hathaway’s neck during the Met Gala. Aside from sliding down between bathroom stalls, Awkwafina’s other talent is her deadpan humor, especially when she snatched Bullock’s and Blanchett’s watches, or when she called Taylor Swift “so white.”


Mindy Kaling’s character

Mindy Kaling’s Amita is perhaps the most fully-formed character of the eight, because her character background and motivations are clear. We know that she needs this gig to be able to move out from her domineering mother’s house, and when she is cutting the diamonds in the bathroom, we really feel the tension on her face and in her hands.



Rihanna doesn’t even need to do anything (like Cate Blanchett, we guess). She just needs to be Rihanna. Well she doesn’t sing and dance here, but as Nine Ball, whose real name is “Leslie,” she provides some mad hacking skills that allows the team access to the cameras at the Met Gala. Oh and wait until you’ve seen Nine Ball in a gown in the third act! Besides, Rihanna and the Met Gala share more than this movie; remember when she came in dressed like a pizza, or an omelet, if you will? Never change, Rihanna.


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