Remember When You Did These

Back in Elementary?

By Therese Aseoche

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It’s graduation season! That means it’s time to reminisce on simpler days and embarrassing childhood memories that we can’t believe we did when we were still in school.  Do you remember doing any of these back then?

Having a clear book of printed guitar chords

Jamming during breaktime was never possible without this clear book of printed guitar chords of songs by MYMP, Stephen Speaks, and Parokya ni Edgar.


Putting a photo collage at the back of your file case

Do you remember cutting up photos of your favorite actors, actresses, bands, and celebrities from glossy magazines, or printing out art of your favorite show or anime to display at the back of your file case? It was our way of looking cool to our classmates for liking then-popular series and having crushes on handsome actors, and also of gaining friends who had similar interests.


Swapping mixtapes burned on blank CDs

Back when Spotify didn’t exist, we burned blank CDs with music we downloaded from LimeWire or Torrent and gave them to our best friends and crushes.


Being proud when you curse for the first time

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Whether it was your first “shit” or “puta” because of your B.I. classmates or sharp-tongued mom, it was like a quick transition from being an innocent child to a badass kid.

Believing you had artistic skills for using WordArt

Raise your hand if you actually considered “using WordArt” as part of your skillset.


Putting glue all over your hand

It was just…satisfying.


Sending GMs with your very first phone

*some text missing*


Crying over everything

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Bad grades, when you wear the wrong uniform, when your teacher scolds you, when your class bully picks on you, when you just peed your pants before reaching the restroom… Yup, Elementary life was a difficult and emotional time.


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