Strangest Things

Found on Google Maps

By Kyzia Maramara

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If you’re anything like me (a normal human being), then you’re very grateful for the invention of Google Maps. It has anything you need for directions! Not only that, it can transport you to virtually anywhere in the world with its satellite images, Google Earth, and Street View. But here’s the catch, with images from the different features of Google Maps, a lot of things can be found captured and frozen in time. There are actual houses, actual people, cars, and even unexplainable creepy things. Here are 8 of the most bizarre things ever to be seen on Google Maps.

1. Murder out in the open

This discovery shocked the whole internet a few years back. The coordinates 52.376552,5.198303 produced what seems like a satellite image of a body being dragged out to the edge of a dock to be disposed of, complete with a trail of dark red blood. After much investigation from the Sherlocks of the internet turned out it was just a couple with their dog that apparently went for a swim and got the boards of the dock wet. The “trail of dark blood” was just water. You can rest easy now.


2. Pigeon Men

Creepy looking Pigeon Men found in a street in Japan will make you go “What the heck?” If the way they’re all looking at you isn’t creepy enough, maybe the way they’re still looking at you even if you walk past them is. What’s their deal?


3. Tiki Demon at Nancy France

A creepy humanoid person with large white eyes and scraggly hair was found standing at a terrace in a house in France. First glance at the image will give you goosebumps. The photo and the location spread online and shortly thereafter, the whole house was blurred by Google. We don’t know why though. Maybe the doll wanted privacy or the owner of the house didn’t want people randomly coming to his house and asking about a ‘Tiki Demon.’


4. The phantom Sandy Island

Sandy Island is an island that appeared to be as large as Manhattan but apparently nonexistent when Australian scientists went on a voyage to explore it and in doing so “undiscovered” it. New Zealand librarian Shaun Higgins, however, did his own research and found out that the island first appeared in maps in a chart by R.C. Carrington. In Carrington’s defense, he said that the islands on his chart “have been collated from the voyages of various navigators extending over a long series of years. The relative position of many dangers may therefore not be exactly given.” But cartographers after him did not heed his disclaimer thus the island has been included in maps even after a hundred years of its discovery.

5. The boneyard

The Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is a huge boneyard for planes and is closed to the public. Surprisingly, Google has provided us with HD satellite images of the place. The base is where excess military and US government aircraft of all shapes and sizes and in various stages of decay are stored.


6. Davie Lee Niles submerged car

Davie Lee Niles disappeared in 2006 on his way home after hanging out at a pub, his relatives looked for him but after years accepted the fact that he cannot be found. He was 72-years-old when he disappeared and was said to be diagnosed with cancer and depression. His relatives never found his body until one day when Brian Houseman was decorating a tree near a pond, he saw a car at the bottom of the pond. He proceeded to call the authorities and the car was hauled out. Inside was found the remains of Davie Lee Niles along with his identification. After 9 years of an unsolved mystery, his relatives finally had an answer on why he never got home that fateful day.


7. This person climbing out of a window

What could possibly be going on in this scenario? A person seems to be attempting to climb down a building using fabric tied together. When you move a couple of steps down the street, you’ll see a marching band, and when you look back at the window it seems like the person got down safely. Was he trying to escape in broad daylight? We may never know.


8. Murdered girl on the street?

Google Maps street view captured what looked like the body of a dead girl. The girl is lying on the ground, her shoes inches away from her in the gutter, and nobody else in sight. Turned out that it was just ten-year-old Azura Beebeejaun who was ‘playing dead’ as a prank to her friends. The Google Street View car just happened to pass by and capture her prank. Phew!


Do you know of other strange things that can be found in Google Maps? Share them with us!

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