You Should Really Stop

Dressing Up As These

Culturally Inappropriate Stereotypes

By Desiree Pore

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Halloween is the perfect time for you to dress up what you’ve always wanted to be. May it be your favorite Disney character or Superhero lodi, almost any costume is possible, except for when you decide to dress up as these extremely inappropriate “costumes”, then maybe you should sit out this year’s Halloween festivities and reevaluate your life choices.

The Terrorist Guy

Who knows what an actual terrorist looks like? Terrorists come in different race and gender, so stop wearing ghutra and agal (a traditional Middle Eastern headdress).


The Native American Indian

Sure, that headdress is IG worthy, but donning the traditional headpiece and dressing up as a Native American when you yourself aren’t one is seriously problematic.


The Geisha Girl

Who didn’t love Memories of a Geisha? Sure, it was a good film, but don’t go dressing up as one, as geishas are often objectified and deemed submissive in western cultures.


The Blackface



Who said that it’s a good idea to dress up as one of the vilest human beings on the planet? Oh, and there’s even an Anne Frank costume just because.


The Jamaican Dreadlocks

Things to consider before picking out this costume:

  1. Are you Jamaican?
  2. Are you black?

If your answer to both questions is no, then consider another outfit for Halloween.

Via Tenor


A Gypsy

The term “gypsy” is actually a derogatory slur for the Romani or Roma people, which are typically stereotyped as thieves, criminals, and low-class citizens. So no, don’t try dressing up as Esmeralda this year.


The Wall

Via Z1035

One word: WHY?


What other stereotypes should we avoid this Halloween? Comment them down below.

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