The 8 Feminist Apps You’ll Need

By Desiree Pore

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These days, it seems like there’s an app for almost anything; from astrology to food, there’s an app perfect for your everyday needs. With more than 2 million apps currently available in the App Store, it’s normal to be confused. If you’re a feminist with feminist wants and feminist needs, then here are the apps that you’ll need in your everyday life.

Tampon Run

Created by teenagers, Tampon Run is a game that aims to stop the stigma on menstruation. Instead of the usual guns, players are given tampons to shoot at their enemies. Who says you can’t have fun on your period? You can get the app here.



FACT: women get harassed every day, and in most cases, it’s always the girl who’s at fault; victim blaming at its best! With Hollaback, you can map out your stories of street harassment and report the location where the harassment happened. You can get the app here.


Circle of 6

The last thing that comes to our mind is if we are gonna get harassed while out with friends. With Circle of 6, you can prevent such harassment from happening by choosing six people that will be notified immediately when you’re in the middle of an uncomfortable situation. The app will also have your GPS location sent to your circle. You can get the app here.



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Living in a world where men rule over women is extremely hard. That’s why Safecity was created, wherein women can look out for each other by reporting their sexual assault experiences (time, location, and type of harassment) that makes up an interactive map. You can get the app here.

Gender Fair

Who doesn’t want to work for a company wherein they support women? Gender Fair is an app which collects data from over 130 companies and tracks their records on how they deal with their female workers. From maternity leave policies to recent advertisements, the app stores a lot of data that would help you when looking for a job. You can get the app here.


Gender Timer

Does your male office co-worker steal your time or interrupt you whenever you present in front of the boss? Then let Gender Timer help you. The app measures speaking time by gender, tabulating who talks the most and thus, can be used to raise awareness in gender groups. You can get the app here.


Women and Girls

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Women and Girls is an informative app that shows data on women from around the world. Want to know how many women are employed in a specific country in contrast to men? Let Women and Girls answer that for you. You can get the app here.


Eve By Glow

Don’t know when your next period is, or what the hell ovulation means? Then Eve By Glow is perfect for you. The app helps you track your period and your ovulation period sans the stigma that surrounds it. Information about birth control, sex and gym life are available in the app. You can get the app here.


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