The World Came Up

with New Deadly Sins

By Dani Panopio

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We all know the seven deadly sins and the consequences when you commit even one of them. There’s lust, envy, pride, greed, and so on. But the world has evolved, and the evolution towards this new world order has brought about some new sins.

And what are these sins you ask? Here are just 8 we can think of:

1. Ghosting Someone

Via Giphy

When a 2/10 ghosts someone like you who’s a 100/10. The nerve.


2. Picking Up the Phone

Saint Dua Lipa would be mad.


3. Spreading Fake News

Stop. We know you know what you’re doing, so just stop.


4. Putting Pineapples on Pizzas

TBH, you’re barbaric if you combine those two. FITE ME.

5. CRs with No Bidets

It’s 2018, and there are STILL public toilets without bidets. Sad.


6. When You’re Pinoy and Your Favorite Food Isn’t Sinigang

Again, Saint Liza would be triggered.


7. Being A Joy Reserver/Bogus Buyer

Cyst why you like that cyst.


8. Being Part of a Toxic Fanbase

The world will be a much better place if these fandoms weren’t so immature.


What other sins can you think of? Tell us below!

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