You Know It’s Holy Week

When They Air These on TV

By Desiree Pore

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Filipinos have different ways of celebrating Holy Week; most people would choose to go out of town and enjoy the beach, while most choose to celebrate it in a more traditional way. Since a lot of establishments are closed and the whole city is basically a ghost town, most of us pinoys would prefer to stay indoors and catch up with the latest TV shows.

Knowing that we don’t have a lot of options during this Holy time, there’s no choice but to watch these TV specials during the Holy Week.

MMK Episodes

For some reason, ABS CBN wants us to weep every Holy Week by airing some of their most gut-wrenching episodes. Tita Charo, just stop.


Noontime Show Holy Week Specials

Every year, noontime shows such as It’s Showtime and the longrunning show Eat Bulaga deviates from its regular programming to air their Holy Week Specials. Who knew that Jose and Wally can be such good dramatic actors?


The Bible

Ever since The Bible was released five years ago, it has been a staple to our Holy Week programming. And we honestly don’t have a problem with that.


An Old Pinoy Movie

Who says you can’t binge watch anything on Holy Week? A three-day marathon of Ate Guy’s films? Yes please.

(Lots of) Cartoons

Via Parhlo

Since most kids aren’t allowed to play outside (because apparently you’re not allowed to be happy during Holy Week), cartoons such as Doraemon and Voltes V are being aired to cater kids stuck inside their houses.


Siete Palabras

Semana Santa wouldn’t be complete without the airing of the Seven Last Words, in which different people share their own stories related to the said last words. It doesn’t help that siete palabras airs during siesta time, making it an even longer day.


Reruns of TV Shows

Because you really need to catch up on Ang Probinsyano (no, seriously).


Anything that’s Religious

Hooray for The 700 Club’s 700 plus episodes!


What other shows come to mind? Share them with us below!

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