What It’s Like

Being the Middle Child

By Dani Panopio

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If you think being a single child is difficult, wait until you find out all the struggles of being the middle child. And no, we’re not making up that infamous middle child syndrome; it’s very real. If you ever find yourself wanting a little sibling, read this to know how hard your life will be if you find yourself in the middle.

1. You’re Always Stuck in the Middle When Your Siblings Fight

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A common situation between you children is when the eldest sib picks up a fight with your bunso, and you’re not allowed to pick sides because YOU JUST CAN’T. You end up being the mediator between them and sometimes at fault.


2. You’re A Strong Independent Person

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Since all of your parents’ attention goes to your panganay and bunso, you’re left by yourself to figure out things on your own.


3. You’ll Always Have that One Sibling that Gets All Your Clothes

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Especially when you and your sibling are closer in age, this kind of thing is normal between you two.


4. Your Parents Tend to Ignore You

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As stated in #2, all of your parents’ time are given both to the eldest and youngest, leaving you by yourself most of time. While this may somehow be a benefit, you often find yourself alone and in need of someone to talk to.

5. You’re the “Tester Kid”

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Your parents were pretty much strict with the eldest child and pretty much with you too. That all changed when the youngest child was born, and they both got lazy being strict. You’ll find yourself stuck between not having curfews while having to do all the chores.


6. You’ve Had Hand-me-downs Stuff Since Birth

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Because “sayang pag bumili pa nang bago.” #storyofmylife


7. Middle Child = Overachievers

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Just look how extra famed middle child Jennifer Lopez is. That’s how overachiever all middle kids are.


8. Your Parents Forget Your Name Most of the Time

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A parent forgetting your name is like a barista hearing your name incorrectly. Worst thing ever.


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