8 Easy Ulam Upgrades Everyone Will Surely Love

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8 Easy Ulam Upgrades Everyone Will Surely Love

All you need is one magic ingredient.

| April 6, 2018

8 Easy Ulam Upgrades

Everyone Will Surely Love

By 8List

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In as much as we want to experiment with different flavors in the kitchen, we can never be sure of what they will eventually taste like— more so, if they will be enjoyed by our family. But what if you can hack the existing household favorites just by adding a little touch of extra flavor?

All you really need is a handy ingredient that would ensure you get flavorful results everytime: bumabalot, nanunuot at umaapaw sa tamis-linamnam—the very things you can achieve by simply adding MAGGI Oyster Sauce to your recipe.

Try these exciting MAGGI Oyster Sauce hacks on your favorite ulam recipes to unleash your creativity in the kitchen!

OySt★r Fried Chicken

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? Oyst☆r Fried Chicken is a wonderful twist to fried chicken because you will be rewarded with chicken na may sarap na bumabalot, nanunuot at umaapaw sa tamis-linamnam! Plus, it’s real easy to make: 1.) Marinate with MAGGI Oyster Sauce 2.) Fry 3.) Enjoy!

Get the recipe here.


Pork Adobo

If there’s one Pinoy dish that’s almost impossible to get wrong, it’s adobo. But have you tried Pork Adobo with MAGGI Oyster Sauce? Adding Oyster Sauce gives adobo a thicker texture and subtly sweeter flavor that makes all the difference.

Get the porktastic Pinoy recipe here!


Lumpiang Shanghai

Add a flavorful kick to your Lumpiang Shanghai with an awesome reinvention of both the meat AND sawsawan. Adding MAGGI Oyster Sauce to your meat mix before frying enhances the flavor of the other ingredients as well as the meat itself. MAGGI Oyster Sauce will also give a sweet-savory twist to your sawsawan.

Get the recipe here!


Oyster-Glazed Fried Chicken

Who says you can’t make Korean-style wings at home? All you need to make this special glazed fried chicken are MAGGI Oyster Sauce, brown sugar, and sesame seeds. So don’t be scared to make this recipe at home! You won’t have to order wings outside if the kids keep requesting this homemade version with Oyster Sauce.