This Newest Cebu Pacific Aircraft

is More Comfortable Than Ever

By Tynne De Leon

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Traveling anytime soon? The country’s leading budget airline, Cebu Pacific, adds another aircraft model to its fleet—the Airbus A321, and it’s more comfortable than ever! An efficient single-aisle jetliner, A321 is the longest and widest among all single-aisle aircraft.

Cebu Pacific has ordered 39 A321 aircrafts last year, and the first one finally arrived last month (its first flight was Cebu last March 27). Seven more A321CEO aircrafts are coming this year, while 32 A321NEO will be delivered by late 2018 to 2022. We can’t wait to try these new ones!

To give you a glimpse of the new aircraft, here are some of our favorite features:

Lighter and sleeker seats

The A321 Airbus seats are manufactured by Recaro, one of the world’s top aircraft seat manufacturers. They’re ergonomically designed–seats are 40% lighter compared to the previous models. These seats also have angled backrest! There’s more distance and legroom between seat rows—they feel roomier, so you’re guaranteed for a more comfortable flight.


Phone holder

Love watching your favorite Korean drama or TV series in-flight? The eating tray now has a phone holder, you can watch from your phone or iPad hands-free.


Adjustable Armrests

If you noticed the unmovable armrest on the aisle seat on your previous CebPac flights, all armrests are now adjustable in this new Airbus!


Automated loading of bags

This new aircraft introduces the use of cans—a mechanized system used for faster loading and offloading of check-in luggage. This system carries cargo safely from one flight to another, so that means less manual handling and fewer chances of luggage getting damaged in-flight.

4. The additional doors

Those who are seated in the back row need not endure a long queue during offboarding, they can access the doors located in the middle part of the plane!


Larger overhead bins

If you’re the type to bring a big hand-carry or trolley bag, the luggage area is now larger and wider with a load limit of 38 kg/83.8 lbs. No need to worry about your bag getting crammed with other passenger’s!


More seating capacity

Aside from cabin space, this new aircraft accommodates an additional 50 seats for a total of 230 seating capacity. The cost of the flight is divided by more people. You know what that means? Potentially cheaper flights!


USB slots

One of our favorite features has got to be the USB slots per row. Yes, you can now charge all your electronics in-flight! Go ahead, watch a full movie or play your battery-draining phone game… charging them is absolutely free!


What do you think of this new aircraft model? Have you taken a flight with this aircraft? Share us your thoughts/experiences below!

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