8 Easy Ulam Upgrades Everyone Will Surely Love

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8 Easy Ulam Upgrades Everyone Will Surely Love

All you need is one magic ingredient.

| April 6, 2018

Kangkong and Tofu

Perfect for Meatless Mondays and just about anytime you want something tasty and wholesome. Put a healthy spin on a  tofu dish by adding MAGGI Oyster Sauce, kangkong, and some toasted garlic! Even the whole household will love this meatless recipe with its added saucy texture that coats the kangkong with flavor. Share this recipe to other discerning moms and cooks!


Mixed Seafood

Speaking of going meatless, did you know that seafood goes perfectly with oyster sauce? This recipe is great for beginning cooks who want to try their hand in seafood dishes. The combination of sweet and savory adds a glossy coat of asian flavor on seafood and veggies. Use it as a rice topping to make the most out of the sauce!



Pork Adobo’s not the only classic Pinoy dish you can easily play with flavors. Try this version of Bistek with the unique saucy sweetness only Oyster Sauce can achieve!


Beef with Broccoli

Consider this your kitchen graduation dish. If you’ve mastered all recipes above, get fancy in the kitchen with this! Make the beef and vegetables come alive and give the sauce added flavor dimensions by adding MAGGI Oyster sauce in this recipe.

You will be rewarded with mouth-watering goodness with sweet, savory taste to your family’s favorites – all with the simply added magic of MAGGI Oyster Sauce!


Loved these recipes? You don’t need a lot of ingredients to make your cooking extra special. All you need is Maggi Oyster Sauce and a lot of creativity! Check this page for more creative cooking creations with Maggi Oyster Sauce.