8 Possible Signs You’re Burned Out at Work

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8 Possible Signs You’re Burned Out at Work

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| November 4, 2017

8 Possible Signs

You’re Burned Out

at Work

By Tynne De Leon

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It’s normal to be stressed at work. In fact, there are two types of work stress: the good stress, which makes you productive by giving you more energy to do your job. Then there’s bad stress, the kind that stays around for weeks, even months, which eventually leads to burnout.

When you have the latter, you’ll be in denial at first. But then you get sucked in by your work so much that you’ll notice changes in your attitude and well-being, and that you’re not the same as before. If you’re experiencing the following signs, then you’re probably headed to a burnout, or you’re actually there already:

8. You have the constant urge to meet up with your friends

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You want to reconnect with the old you and remind yourself how happy you were before all of this happened. You want to see other people who are not your officemates and talk about life outside the office.


7. You get easily irritated

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Work is always at the back of your mind, so you tend to be short-tempered at times when conversing with other people.


6. Tiredness is a constant feeling

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You always feel the need to rest even after doing a simple task. You’re not only physically tired, but also emotionally.


5. Your eating habits are becoming irregular

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Skipping lunch is normal for you, but there are times when you eat too much more than you normally do.