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8 Possible Signs You’re Burned Out at Work

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| November 4, 2017

4. You experience insomnia

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There are nights when you just can’t sleep, even if you are totally exhausted the whole day.


3. Frequent sickness

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Too much stress can compromise your health, making your immune system weaker. That is why you become vulnerable to illnesses.


2. Everything about your job irritates you

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You lose interest in meetings, new projects, and you feel that everything you do is pure labor, and you don’t feel like you’re learning anymore. You either arrive late or just completely skip work.


1. You always feel the need to take a vacation

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You want to explore life outside work and help you appreciate life beyond the corners of your office cubicle.

If you can relate to most of these things, always remember that no job is worth compromising your health and relationships over. Be kind to yourself; try doing positive things like taking a vacation, monitoring your health and surrounding yourself with people who make you happy. If all else fails, then maybe it’s finally time to let go.


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