8 Questions We Feel The Need To Ask After Watching “Infinity War”

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8 Questions We Feel The Need To Ask After Watching “Infinity War”

We’ll do you one better, why is Infinity War?

| May 4, 2018

8 Questions

We Feel The Need To Ask

After Watching “Infinity War”

By Tim Henares

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Infinity War is set to break records,  after an entire weekend of breaking a bunch of them so far. For anyone who has been a fan of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, this moment has been a decade in the making.

With mostly positive reviews, it’s very clear that Infinity War is a roaring success, but seeing as it’s probably going to take next year before Avengers 4 comes around and dictates the new status quo for the MCU moving forward, we’re left with nothing but a few questions and speculations moving forward.

Obviously, if you haven’t seen    Infinity War   yet and prefer to not be spoiled, turn back now, because spoilers will abound here.

8. Where were Hawkeye and Ant-Man again?

Yes, the movie may have explained away their absence by saying they struck a deal with the government for amnesty/house arrest, but why would they be nowhere to be found when the fate of the world hung in the balance? Oh, right. Wakanda. Good luck getting in there without T’Challa’s say-so.

Given what happened at the end of Infinity War, it does make one wonder at what point Ant-Man and the Wasp happens in the MCU timeline: does it happen before or after Infinity War? Because either one would have huge ramifications on the movie’s tone.

But then, this doesn’t answer where the heck Valkyrie is, seeing as she boarded the same ship Thor did at the end of Ragnarok.


7. Who’s coming back, and who’s staying dead?

With sequels to Guardians and Spider-Man in the works (although Spider-Man clearly has a Miles Morales to play with as an out), we know some people are coming back from the apparent dead.

Noooooooo!!! Not you, too!!! Oh, wait. That’s just censorship.

But we also know for sure some people will stay dead. Would a safe rule of thumb be everyone who wasn’t dissipated by the infamous snap is considered a goner regardless of whatever Deus Ex Machina happens next year?

Suddenly, a thousand fangirls (and fanboys) screamed in anguish.


6. Does Dr. Strange have a plan?

In giving up the Time Stone after promising both Iron Man and Spider-Man that he’d sooner let them die than let the stone fall in Thanos’s hands, is Dr. Strange possibly hinting that the one outcome of 14,000,000 he saw where they won was the one where he gave the stone to Thanos? And since one can’t see past their own demise (as per the rules set in Dr. Strange), then this implies that Dr. Strange will not die for keeps, which is kind of obvious, because Cumberbatch.


5. Does the Gauntlet still work?

After the infamous snap, our next look at the Infinity Gauntlet shows that it is incredibly damaged. What does this mean for the stones? Are they no longer functional? Was it the snap that caused the damage, or Thor’s attack with Stormbreaker? The answer to that would probably give us a better answer to our #1 question…