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8 Things We Miss from the Early 2000s That We’d Love to Have Back

The internet ruined everything.

| December 4, 2017

8 Things We Miss from the Early 2000s

That We’d Love to Have Back

By Kyzia Maramara

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Times have changed, and it has both giveth to and taketh from us. It gave us innovation, ways to make our lives easier and more entertaining but at the same time it has taken from us things we really loved. I might just be sentimental, but wouldn’t it be nice to have these things back even just for a month?

Playgrounds in fast food chains

Going for a meal at fast food chains as a kid was so exciting because we knew we could spend a precious 20 minutes by the playground and make a friend just for that duration of time. As a kid, the best feeling in the world is playing and then eating your favorite meal afterwards!


Cinemas on loop

It doesn’t matter if you arrived late at the cinema and only got to see half the movie, you could always stay and wait for the movie to begin again. Heck you can even stay in the theatre the whole day and you won’t be kicked out!


Less to no traffic at all

A congested road especially when the holidays are nearing is a total nightmare. On a bad day you could get stuck in traffic for 3 hours one-way! That’s minutes of your life you can never get back but how we terribly wish the wide and calm roads of the past were carried to the future.


Tattoos and comics in junk food and candies

Finding a tattoo in junk food packages and candies is such a pleasant surprise that made children so happy. Small comic strips could even be found in bubble gum wrappers!

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