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8 Best Asia Fall Foliage Viewing Spots

Fall in love with fall colors at first sight. Unleash your inner romantic at Asia’s scenic autumn attractions!

| October 1, 2017

8 Best

Asia Fall Foliage

Viewing Spots

By Donna Almonte

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Skip the filter and fill your camera roll with autumn’s vibrant colors. Unleash your inner romantic at the sight of falling red, yellow, and orange leaves. There’s no need to fly halfway across the world because here’s a quick list of places to go in Asia this fall season:

1. Japan: Mt. Fuji

Visit Mount Fuji and you’ll easily discover why it’s the symbol of Japanese beauty.
Drink in the amazing scenery and cool air as you climb up the iconic mountain. You’ll enjoy a breathtaking view at 2305 meters above sea level. At Misaka Farm, you can hand-pick your own fruit.

Watch Mount Fuji reflected beautifully on Lake Kawaguchi. Enjoy the contrast of the snow-capped mountain and deep blue lake. View a kaleidoscope of autumn colors: red, orange, and gold. Delight in ever-changing, but perpetually lovely flowers such as irises, lupine, and sunflowers. Witness Mount Fuji in all its glory this fall season!


2. Japan: Eikan-do Temple

Eikan-do is one of Kyoto’s most famous fall foliage spots. This ancient temple was founded in 853 by monk Kūkai’s disciple. Enter sprawling gardens dominated by maple and gingko trees. Delight in temple grounds alternatively decorated with lush greens and brilliant reds. Soak up the tranquil atmosphere with charming rock formations and chanting priests. If you want to escape the modern world and feel like a hermit for a moment, this is the place to be.


3. Korea: Naejangsan National Park

If you’ve only got a day outside of Seoul, head to Korea’s best-known mountain for autumn scenery. Mt. Naejangsan, means ‘many secrets in the mountain’. The cool weather makes it perfect for a day of hiking. Explore myth-like waterfalls, sacred temples, and lush forests. But for a truly spectacular view, take the park’s cable car and marvel at the autumn carpet of reds and orange from above. Cap off your visit at photographers’ favorite spot, Uhwajeong Pavilion. Capture the pavilion’s beauty framed by autumnal trees, while its reflection glitters across the lake.


4. Korea: Seoraksan National Park

At Mt. Seorak (from ‘Seol’ meaning ‘snow’ and ‘Ak’ meaning ‘big mountain’), fall and autumn meet early to give visitors a breathtaking view. Seoraksan National Park boasts stunning fall foliage, which covers most of the mountain. Wander through twisted trees and leaves painted red, orange, and gold. Encounter odd rock formations, dense forests, and interesting wildlife everywhere. Marvel at powder-white snow, crystal clear ponds, and flowing streams. Lastly, embrace the season with a cozy fall picnic. Share homemade goodies and a bottle of meoruju, a local fruit wine, with your friends and family.