8 PlayStation Games that Kept Us from Doing Our Homework

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8 PlayStation Games that Kept Us from Doing Our Homework

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| September 14, 2017

8 PlayStation Games

that Kept Us

from Doing Our Homework

By Patti Sunio

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Back in our grade school days, PlayStation filled our summer days, morning ‘til the evening, and even in June, despite being back to school. Either we looked forward to coming home early to play for an hour or two, or we had no choice but to wait until Friday night, as our parents hid the unit away because PlayStation is only “for weekends”.

While there are countless games and versions that have consumed our hours and eyesight, here are 8 we remember:


It felt intensely great winning via a K.O. or discovering a special punch-and-kick combo. We also found out about our favorite character’s “specialty” which made us feel like gods in the eyes of our playmates!


Marvel vs Capcom

Since we weren’t satisfied with just seeing them on TV or the big screen, we were obsessed with our Marvel super heroes and the X-men team. Our first try of the game was probably at the arcades, so the moment it was released as a PlayStation version, we couldn’t wait to try it at home!


Final Fantasy

So many versions, chapters, and series, Final Fantasy was definitely a saga to beat. Either we spent most of our childhood trying to complete each level, or we finally gave up and decided to just outgrow the game.


Gran Turismo

All our dreams in a video game: picking a car, being able to customize it, and even choosing the race track. Didn’t we all want to try racing in real life? Like the realistic looking cars in the game, Gran Turismo was the nearest to the real life experience we could get.