Here’s What the Play Girls Need to Realize ASAP

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Here’s What the Play Girls Need to Realize ASAP

Happy Women’s Day nga pala.

| March 8, 2018

5. Angel Locsin never slut-shamed them, in fact she acted as a friend who lovingly rebuked them

In this age of the entertainment industry where news anchors and afternoon show hosts think it’s alright to air their offensive opinions about women, Angel is our knight in shining armor. Her parents must have been proud she’s living up to her name. She stood and spoke for what she believed in instead of letting the moment pass or letting Robin Padilla speak for all judges.

She not only chastised the girls, she did it politely too:

“Kaya ko kayo binuzz kasi ayokong maobjectify kayo. Masyado akong nagmamalasakit para sa inyo para i-go ko to at patuloy kayong panoorin ng mga kalalakihan na ginagawa ‘yan. ‘Yun ang para sa ‘kin”

You might think that the netizens would all side with Angel but there are still some accusing her of ‘slut-shaming’ the girls from her comments. I didn’t know slut-shaming was defined as calling girls ‘beautiful’ and telling them they shouldn’t be displaying their bodies like that.


6. It’s not about what you’re wearing, it’s about your intentions


“Papainitin namin ang gabi.”

This sentence alone proved what the group’s intentions were. Darna wouldn’t be caught dead saying those words and as one netizen pointed out, Darna’s character might have been wearing a two-piece but she has never been sexualized until now because she never danced or acted in a provocative way. You’re free to wear whatever you want, it’s a part of your self-expression, but it’s your intentions that matter. Twerking clearly shows what your intentions are.


7. Robin Padilla shouldn’t be in this show!

Robin: Meron akong request, pwede bang lumapit-lapit kayo?

Robin is a man walking on thin ice that even he isn’t aware he’s treading. Recently he’s been caught in another PGT controversy involving a Korean contestant who didn’t know Tagalog. Robin insisted that he should have learned Filipino but when another foreigner auditioned who didn’t know Tagalog, a Lebanese belly dancing woman, he didn’t have any qualms.

Robin liked the Play Girls, in fact he was very concerned about their legs when they did those splits on gravel. He appreciated their performance even asking them if they enjoy being adored by boys whilst being scantily clad. I don’t even have to explain it, just look at his facial expressions the entire time.


8. There’s always room for improvement, girls

Ultimately these girls should be valuing their bodies and their image more than getting the judges to say yes to their performance, or having boys fawn over them for that matter. True, we can’t tell them what they could or could not do, it’s their lives and their bodies anyway. But as some parts of the world are enjoying a surge in women empowerment, let us all do our share in breaking that glass ceiling ourselves.


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