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How to Keep Yourself from Burning Out from Your Office Job

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| April 30, 2018

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How to Keep Yourself

from Burning Out

from Your Office Job

By Therese Aseoche

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Being in an office job can be grueling especially when you sit on your butt from 9 to 5, trying to meet your daily targets and hoping you don’t get distracted, or worse, burnt out. It can be tough finding that energy to stay productive, but you can start doing these little things that can help alleviate some of the stress you may be feeling and motivate you to get through the day.

Write your top three goals for the day right before you start work

The less items on your to-do list (no matter how much work you feel there actually is), the less stressed you will become. List down your big goals instead of menial and meaningless tasks that you think are important steps in achieving your goals (or that you just want to accomplish within the day to gain a sense of accomplishment, like buying a new pen from the bookstore). This is so you can keep reminded of the vital tasks you should be focused on and complete.

You can also read this helpful article suggesting a different way to approach your to-do lists which is to segregate the non-time-sensitive projects from the time-sensitive ones, and also from the “not-to-dos” or those tasks that aren’t at all worth your time.


Eat lunch out of the office

Break time means giving yourself a proper break outside of the office and not at the confines of your desk where your work is! Opt to eat lunch elsewhere so you can rest and rejuvenate without the demands of your job taunting you at the back of your head or at the corner of your eye.


Prepare a Productivity Playlist on Spotify

Research proves that listening to music as you work aids in finishing your tasks quicker and giving you better, more creative ideas than when you aren’t. So curate your favorite tunes meant to relax and calm (not your rave party jams) in one playlist or listen to pre-made ones by Spotify for a distraction-free environment!


Decorate your office space with things you love to look at

Surround yourself with positivity! Transform your dreary office desk into your little nook filled with photos with friends, tiny succulents, or your favorite books from home. Turn it into a space you’ll love being in and which you can draw positivity and motivation from daily.

Read this to find the best indoor plant you can have in your desk, this to discover the best way to declutter your cubicle, and this to gain inspiration on how to design your space!