There Goes Our Bayani: How Well Do You Know These Pinoy Heroes?

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There Goes Our Bayani: How Well Do You Know These Pinoy Heroes?

Were you asleep during Pinoy History?

| August 29, 2016


By Meg Santibanez

Think you know a thing or two about our national heroes (except Jose Rizal)? Besides their birthdate and what they fought for, how deep is your knowledge about our own historic figures?


Take this test and see if you know, or if you were asleep in Pinoy history class.


  • pinatisang alimango
  • nilitsong manok sa zaha
  • pinalundag na bulig
  • estofadong manok sa caviar


  • “There can be no tyrants where there are no slaves.”
  • “The permissiveness of society must be balanced with authoritativeness.”
  • “We cannot free ourselves unless we move forward united in a single desire.”
  • “You’ve got to always go back in time if you want to move forward.”


  • The Superb Psychic
  • The Mind of the Revolution
  • The Sublime Paralytic
  • The Mastermind of the Revolution


  • Jomapa
  • Plaridel
  • Taga-ilog
  • MC Del Philly


  • January 13, 1975
  • June 12, 1898
  • July 4, 1946
  • December 30, 1898


  • Ysidra Cojuangco
  • Adelina Boustead
  • Josephine Bracken
  • Nelly Boustead


  • Mother of Dragons
  • Mother of Katipunan
  • Mother May-I
  • Mother of Democracy


  • Juan Silang
  • Diego SIlang
  • Antonio Silang
  • Tasyo Silang

Which of these heroes appeal to you most? Tell us below!