This Week in Weird News: Balenciaga is at It Again

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This Week in Weird News: Balenciaga is at It Again

Steal at $1,290!

| June 1, 2018

This Week in Weird News:

Balenciaga is at It Again

By Desiree Pore

There was a time when Balenciaga became the internet’s laughing stock because of its IKEA-“inspired” tote bags, which were way overpriced. Now they’re back again with an even more laughable design. Check out the design, and more laughable finds on this week’s version of “how has the world come to this?”

1. Will You Buy this $1, 290 Balenciaga A Shirt within a Shirt?

Via Dezeen

We’re all for innovation, but Balenciaga’s version of innovation is too far-fetched. This isn’t the first time that Balenciaga trolled its fans; in fact, their whole branding is known for its trolling on other brands.


2. This Man Couldn’t Get Enough of Fajitas, so He Stole $1.2 Million Worth of Fajitas

This man really took to heart the word “panic” in panic buying. 53-year old Gilberto Escamilla pleads guilty to stealing more than a million dollars’ worth of fajitas. During the court testimony, Escamilla said that “It was selfish” and that “it got to the point where I couldn’t control it anymore.”


3. This Grocery Censored A “Dirty” Word in Summa Cum Laude Because We Can’t Have Nice Things

What a party pooper: Proud mom Cara Koscinski placed an order for a cake online that says “Congrats Jacob! Summa Cum Laude class of 2018.”

The phrase, which is Latin, marked the word “cum” as profanity. When they picked up the cake, Koscinski was surprised that they censored his son’s cake. The store generously gave her a refund and a gift card after the whole mishap.


4. This Species Is Endangered Because They Can’t Stop “Doing It”

And we thought us humans only had this problem: the marsupials species, whose male members immediately die after marathon of sex sessions, have been included on Australia’s endangered list.


According to mammalogist Andrew Baker, “They are very frantic and try and get from one mate to another and the mating itself can last hours, so it’s very tiring.” A sex session of up to 14 hours can produce lethal levels of testosterone, which will eventually kill them.