We Dined 150 ft Up in the Air: Here’s What We Learned

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We Dined 150 ft Up in the Air: Here’s What We Learned

Let’s eat our dinner outside, she said.

| April 4, 2018

We Dined 150 ft Up in the Air:

Here’s What We Learned

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Dinner in the Sky, the Belgium-based novelty dining service, has come to our shores to offer Filipinos a truly unique dining experience. Brought to us by MMI Live (the powerhouse production company that brought Coldplay, John Mayer, Madonna, among others to the Philippines) and co-organized by DITS Asia, Dinner in the Sky PH is at the grounds of Solaire Resort and Casino. We were fortunate enough to experience the thrill of dining overlooking Manila Bay and Makati skyline, and here is our account of the whole thing:


Your Cutleries Won’t Fall Off

We did not know quite what to expect going in. Naturally, we wondered how we’d be able to eat. But as soon as we saw guests putting their phones down at the table, we realized it’s going to be much safer having it there than in our pockets. Essentially, gravity will be holding everything down at the table even as the platform is raised. So, unless you’re really clumsy with utensils, there’s a very slim chance of having flying plates and cutleries.


You Have Two Dining Sessions to Choose From

Your experience with Dinner in the Sky is highly customizable, and you have the option of going on the 5:30PM dinner (view of the sunset) or the 7:00PM dinner (view of the skyline). It was a bit cloudy when we went up for the 5:30PM session, but the view was as breathtaking as it would have been seeing the sun set.


In Case of Emergency…

One of the more frequently asked questions regarding Dinner in the Sky was “What if you have to use the restroom?” We were informed beforehand to use the lavatory before we strap ourselves in. If in case anyone would feel the need to use the restroom while everyone else is enjoying their dinner with a view 150 ft up in the air, the platform would be lowered to accommodate that person’s need to relieve him/herself. But no one wants to be that person.


The View


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This would be the whole point of booking a seat here. Needless to say, you will be surrounded with spectacular views, no matter where you are seated. We’re told it can be a bit windy at night, so you might want to wear a jacket if you plan on going on the 7:00PM dinner.