This Week in Weird News: Sex Offenders and Murderers Edition

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This Week in Weird News: Sex Offenders and Murderers Edition

Humanity, ladies and gentlemen.

| October 21, 2016

This Week in Weird News: Sex Offenders and Murderers Edition

By Kevin Christian L. Santos

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Hey weird team! Where do we even begin this week? A police officer ran over some protesters, to which they denied doing, considering there’s video footage of them CLEARLY running them over. However, police also claim that some protesters became violent and attacked some officers. Now people are divided between taking the sides of the protesters and police officers. Just look at any comments section trying to justify these actions. Their reasoning is enough to give you cancer. Also, President Duterte bid goodbye to the U.S. and sold us pledged allegiance to China. Hey at least we got $13 billion in the deal so that’s good right? No need for the presidential jetski? Right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Though selling us out to a country that has invaded our waters is downright appalling and weird, weirder things have also been happening around the world: from the adorable to the grotesque.

8. Son catches mother having sex with his granddad, mother kills son

Over in Italy, a mother has been sentenced to jail for 30 years for murdering her 8-year old son. She strangled her son to death after the latter walked in on the former having sex with the boy’s grandfather.

Veronica Panarello strangled Loris Stival with electrical cables before dumping his body in a remote region in Sicily, Italy.  The Mirror reports that Panarello covered up the murder by claiming her son was abducted in 2014. She said that the boy disappeared when she tried to pick him up from school. However, authorities noticed something was amiss when the school’s CCTC footage didn’t match her claims. Stival’s corpse was eventually found by a hunter. The body bore a severe head wound.

Once Panarello finally confessed to her crime, she blamed her husband’s father, Andrea Stival. She claims he helped plot the murder after the boy walked in on them engaging in sexual acts. Stival denies the claims and will sue Panarello for slander.

Apparently, if a boy caught you having sex with his grandfather, killing a child is your own damn choice.


7. Indonesia to begin castrating sex offenders as punishment


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In Indonesia, pedophiles can now be executed or chemically castrated as per their new law, the Daily Mail reports. Repeat offenders and those who sexually abuse family members can be sentenced to 10-20 years in jail. Courts have the ability to order offenders to be chemically castrated and tagged with a microchip. Meanwhile, those who murder their victims, give them an STD or give them lasting psychological damage can be executed.

The penalties came under fruition after the rape and murder of a 14-year old girl at the hands of a gang of 12 men and boys. Currently, Indonesia is the first country in Southeast Asia to implement castration for sex offenders.

Meanwhile, certain people would still blame women for being raped, and rape-shame them because it’s their own fault with reasons ranging from the way they dress, the way they act, and so on. Why? Because these people have their heads so far up their asses that the poop must have seeped into their brains.

Speaking of sex…


6. Germany wants you to have sex with its citizens


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It’s time to book a flight to Germany. The German Federal Centre for Health Education has set up a website which encourages visitors to the country to have sex with their residents. And not just any kind of sex, but safe and consensual sex.

However, no one knows what the website really is for. With a hefty price tag of  £110,000 (Php 6,501,968.44) to make, it HAS to be useful. People are theorizing that it is indeed an invitation to have sex with the country’s residents, or it was put up as an educational tool. The website is available in 12 different languages and even has topics on having sex for the first time, sex during pregnancy, and even reasons to have sex, as if you needed any.

Again, you can check out the website here. Who knows, you may just meet your German soulmate. Of course, you should not believe everything on the internet.


5. Man tripping on LSD saves dog from imaginary fire


Not all heroes wear capes. Over in New York, a man high-as-hell on LSD broke into his neighbor’s house to save their dog from a house fire, police said. However, officers said that there was no fire to speak of and that 43-year old Michael Orchard imagined the fire due to the hallucinations caused by the LSD and cough syrup he ingested.

While he was tripping balls and traveling the different planes in his mind, Orchard noticed his neighbor’s house was on fire. He pounded on their door to alert them. When that didn’t work, he sprung into action and barged his sedan through his neighbor’s fence, and “risked his life” to save the dog.

Orchard will be charged with third-degree criminal mischief and second-degree burglary. He won’t be facing any drug charges since he didn’t drive on the road (just through his neighbor’s house) and wasn’t carrying any illegal substance at the time. The dog was reportedly unharmed.

He wasn’t the hero New York needed nor deserved, but it’s good we can all count on Michael Orchard for whatever emergency.