What We Love About the Love/Hate Relationship That is Sibling Rivalry

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

| November 6, 2017

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What We Love About

the Love/Hate Relationship

That is Sibling Rivalry

By Kyzia Maramara

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If you have siblings your childhood must have been peppered with fights with them, insulting each other, blaming-throwing, and the occasional framing them for things you did *wink*. It’s not as bad as it sounds; in fact it’s a normal relationship! Some siblings have it nice, they’re all lovey-dovey sweet and protective but it’s just a rough life for others.

But even though there’s a difference, even if you admit it or not, whether you fight with your siblings or you’re too kind to them, there will always be the same bond. The same bond that came from sharing the same blood, and that’s what makes you endure everything. (Frankly that’s what also makes your parents endure everything.)

The bond doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship will be easy. You might fight with your sibs a lot but you actually love your relationship with them. Uyyyy aminin! And here are the reasons why:

1. You can always borrow (steal) their clothes

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It’s an open secret that you often borrow-slash-steal your sibs’ clothes without their permission. And why not? If you really needed to go to that party and the appropriate cool kid attire could be found in your older sister’s closet, of course you’d take it. The downside is you have to sneak back home late at night wrapped in a jacket so she can’t see. In the most likely event that she find out there will be war.

Note: Also includes encouraging them to buy pretty things that fit you so you can borrow-slash-steal in the future.


2. You have a person you can play practical jokes with for the rest of your life

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Is your brother about to get in the shower? Race him to it even if you have no intention of showering yet! Your little sister is alone in the house and you’re home early? Jump scare her!

I once knew a brother who decided to prank his sister. The young girl had a gash on her knee from playing and her brother came to her and told her the wound will heal up quickly if she poured alcohol on it. And so being naïve and young she did as she was told and her brother slinked into the darkness with a huge smile on his face.

These sort of things you won’t ever let each other forget and you will forever try to out-do each other’s pranks.


3. They witness your most embarrassing moments but you have a lot to reminisce when you get older

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Siblings are always there in every milestone and embarrassing moment in your life even if you didn’t want them there. More often than not they take receipts of your most embarrassing moments. The time you slipped at a mall? They’ll take a photo and laugh real hard before helping you up. You might get annoyed but these are actually good moments to look back on when you get older.


4. They’re your worst enemy and your most loyal comrade

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Sure you might fight with them to no end and even make them cry but if other people do this to them, all hell will break loose. You will fight tooth and nail with people that deal wrongly with them. Heck, they don’t have the right to do that, only you can do that! When that sparkling moment of loyalty and love coming from defending your sibling fades, you’re back to slightly bullying them every chance you get because, you know, you’re a tough cookie without feelings.