“Anong Special Talent Mo?”

According to Twitter

By Therese Aseoche

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There are plenty of questions we dread being asked of us during interviews and small talks with people we’ve just met, but nothing makes us panic more than “Do you have any special talents?”

And some Twitter users have begun sharing funny yet honest answers to that age-old question. Here’s a roundup of the best ones we’ve seen!

The Martyrs

Stay strong, mga bes.


The Mahaharot

Mapansin sana kayo ni crush balang-araw.


The Multitaskers

Been there, done that.


The “Sleep is Life”

Same, bes. Same.

The “Food Is Life”

Bukas nalang mag-diet.


The Commute Warriors

A shining example of having grace under pressure.


The God-fearing

Hindi biro mag-leave room for the Holy Spirit.


The Truly Talented

Ang powerful niyo po.


What are your special talents? Tell us your answers below!

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