This Week in Weird News: Is That Sperm in Your Teeth or are They Just Really White?

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This Week in Weird News: Is That Sperm in Your Teeth or are They Just Really White?

Because the week hasn’t been weird enough.

| December 23, 2017

This Week in Weird News:

Is That Sperm in Your Teeth

or are They Just Really White?

By Kevin Christian L. Santos

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Another Christmas is here, and another year of us slowly going into debt just to prove we love someone by showering them with gifts. Just kidding! It’s fun making someone’s day this season. Know what else is fun? Watching the best Christmas movie of all time DIE HARD on repeat.

But before we watch John McClane tear Hans Gruber and his crew of terrorists some new assholes, let’s take a look at some of the strange things happening this holiday season.

Take it away, Eminem!

Eminem opens Mom’s Spaghetti pop-up shop

There’s a bigger chance we remember the words “Mom’s Spaghetti” as a meme rather than the film 8 Mile.  It’s even a restaurant in Detroit now. Well, a pop-up anyway.

Eminem even showed up and signed some autographs to promote his new album Revival. Fans also got a chance to listen to the new album and buy some merch.

No news yet if there was vomit on anyone’s sweater.


Japanese monkeys are engaging in “sexual interactions” with deer now and oh myyyyyy


In Japan, it’s been reported that adolescent macaque monkeys have been displaying sexual behavior with sika deer, NPR reports.

The “sexual interaction” in question shows female monkeys climbing on the deer’s’ backs and thrusting and grinding their genitals. There’s even video because OF COURSE THERE IS.

Japanese macaques have been known to ride deer on occasion. They use the deer for fun and transport. The deer tolerate their behaviour in exchange for discarded food and grooming. But these monkeys were…kinky.

Scientists have a number of theories why it’s been happening. First, it might be a way for non-mature monkeys to practice for sex in the future. Another is that it’s a less dangerous way for female macaques to engage in sexual relations. Females are smaller than males and scientists call this the “safe sex hypothesis.” Third, it might be an option for monkeys with no sexual partners in their own species.

Remember we mentioned that macaques would ride deer for fun? Another theory is that while the monkeys were riding them, they discover it being a source of genital stimulation.

Even monkeys are getting some and we can’t even get a text back. SMH.


Why do human feet keep washing up in the Pacific Northwest?

Via Vox

Another foot has been found in on the shores of British Columbia recently. This makes it the 13th foot within the last decade.

Feet washing up on shores in the Pacific Northwest is a strange phenomenon among Americans and Canadians. Heck, it even has its own Wikipedia page. Sleuths speculate that some sinister force is behind the severed feet being found. Scientists and health officials however, beg to disagree.

For one, suicides and drownings are normal occurrences surrounding bodies of water. Speaking to Vox, oceanography professor at the University of Washington Parker MacCready says “Things that float at the ocean surface move with the currents, but also are pushed a bit by the wind, and this can be significant in getting them to shore.”

But why feet though? Human bodies naturally come apart in the joints when in water. In this case, feet often disconnect when submerged in water for a while. In addition, the feet come apart much easier when it’s wearing a flotation device such as a running shoe.

So that’s that then, mystery solved.


Man takes shit-ton of molly, gets stranded in fountain

Via Giphy

Buzzfeed News reports that a man had to be rescued after “taking a large quantity of molly,” stealing a swan boat, and getting stranded on a fountain.

According to a police report, 36-year old Keith Thurston of Orlando told officers he “wanted to go be with the swans because they don’t judge him.”

Can’t blame him. After a whirlwind of a year, we all deserve some non-judgemental swans.